Dawn Staley

By Eily York

Dawn Staley's Life

Born in Philadelphia in May of 1970, Dawn Michelle Staley has been playing basketball since she was a child. She played for the Charlotte Sting and Houston Comets in the WNBA and led Team USA to three straight Olympic gold medals. She won many awards throughout her playing days and eight years as the Temple Owls head coach. Today she is the head coach at the University of South Carolina and runs the Dawn Staley Foundation.

Staley's Leadership

As a WNBA basketball star Dawn Staley never thought she would want to coach. But once she was given the opprotunity, she realized she had made the right decision when “I started to care more about my players than to win.” Staley's caring for her players might be just what gets her to being one of the great ones. Dawn Staley is a leader for many groups of people not just basketball fans,coaches, and players.