Democracy: A new world

By: Moncerrat Puga


In the great city of Athens, a new era has begun. There is no longer a king or a tyrant, all the power is now in the hands of the common man. "This is truly a big change in our society, we finally have control of the land that we work so hard for." says Ahaz, who's a common farmer. It truly is a change in our society, even though this is great for men, it's not so good for woman, as they lost the small amount of political power they had.

Now how does this new form of government work? All men older than 18 that are citizens of Athens can take part of this government. These men will meet up every 8 days or so and discuss the problems in the city. When a new law is proposed, these men will vote upon them.

It might be hard for all these men to meet up and vote every time a new law is proposed because they all have things to do, whether its farming, making shoes, or fighting wars, these men are always busy. Athenians have already come up with a way to resolve this problem. Men will be chosen to be apart of a group that will be the main voters and others not in the group will only vote when needed.

The men that are forming a part of this group are going to be chosen through a lottery. Whoever gets the winning ticket gets to serve in the Council of 500 for a year. Woman, of course, cannot be apart of this.

Athens really is making a change in the world, we are one step closer to peace and in a way, freedom. If other city-states in Greece begin doing the same, other kingdoms might start and what happens after, we can only imagine!