THS Choir Newsletter

March 24th, 2019

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As stated in the handbook, after school rehearsals will occur in preparation for the UIL competition. Participation is mandatory and grade will be given. Failure to attend could result in dismissal from the performing ensemble. If your child has a school related conflict, I will contact their sponsor for verification. These rehearsals are imperative for our success at contest.

Rehearsals are 2:45 - 4 and a late bus is available.


Tuesday, March 26th: Tenor/Bass (2nd and 3rd period) 2:45 - 4.

Thursday, March 28th: Treble (3rd and 6th period) 2:45 - 4.

Varsity after school schedule

Treble (ladies 3rd and 6th period)

Thursday March 28th

Tuesday, April 2nd

Monday, April 8th

Tuesday, April 16th

Tenor Bass (gentlemen 2nd and 3rd period)

Tuesday March 26th

Thursday, April 4th

Tuesday April 9th

Thursday, April 18th

These rehearsals are required and a grade will be taken. If there is a school related conflict, it is up to the students to bring it to my attention at least a WEEK before the rehearsal. Late buses are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Possible Performance for 3 Varsity groups

I have just received an invitation to perform for other 5A choirs in our contest performance space. It would involve our three Varsity groups. I will check other school events and our accompanist and instrumentalist availability.

Here are details about the event:

Tuesday, April 16th aprrox 4 - 8pm at Willis High School. The students would wear jeans and choir shirt. This was not on the calendar, but is a wonderful opportunity if it is doable. We would perform for and hear Magnolia, Magnolia West, Lake Creek, Caney Creek and Willis High school and have an opportunity to perform at the contest site. Please let me know of any school conflicts. I will let you know later in the week if we are attending.

Mrs. Brewer's Cougar B Block schedule Required for 2nd, 3rd and 6th period

We will now combine our classes for the Varsity sectionals (2nd, 3rd and 6th periods). These rehearsals are required and a grade is taken.

This week's schedule:

Thursday: Treble (3rd and 6th period)

FRiday: Tenor/Bass (2nd and 3rd period)

Students who have tutoring are excused with teacher verification. Students may bring food and eat their lunch. They may also work on other classes when they are not singing. These rehearsals are IMPERATIVE to our success at contest.


The final trip payment is due April 15, which is also the last day to cancel without penalty. Please check your Charms and make sure you are paid up.

Tomball ISD Pre UIL Clinic

Thursday, April 11th, 3-6:45pm

1603 Baker Drive

Tomball, TX

This is a required event for all students. The dress will be jeans and choir polo. We will have staggered performance times. A bus to the event will be available. Students may leave when their choir has performed.
Click here for Pre-UIL information

Performance times listed below

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THS is hosting UIL Non-Varsity UIL Concert and Sightreading on Tuesday, April 23rd at Lone Star College Tomball

  • Adults and Varsity students are needed.
  • This will be an excused absence.
  • There will be a morning and an afternoon shift.
  • It will be at Lone Star College-Tomball.

Past Due Items

  • Accompanist fee
  • $15.00 solo and ensemble fee
  • $35.00 Choir Fee
  • Choir Handbook
  • Choir Medical Form
  • $25.00 polo
  • Trip Deposit and Contract