American Civil War



This map shows the different battles in the war


The southern states wanted slaves for themselves but the Northern states wanted all slaves to be free.

Precursor events

The Dred Scott case: Was a case that went to the supreme court because a black man said he was free because he once lived on free soil but the court said that he was still a slave.


Confederate: Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Nathan Bedford

Union: Ulysses S. Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman, George McClellan and Joshua Chamberlain

Arms and Army

The Union has a much better advantage because they have a bigger population than the south. Also they have more factories where they can produce guns and cannons faster than the south. And Lastly they also have more telegraph lines and railroads where they can transport troops faster and they can communicate with other Union troops far away.

Resources and Techonolgy

How do resources and technology influence the outcome of civil wars?

The outcome is that the Union wins and a big reason why they win is because they have more technology


If alliances exist, how might they influence, and even complicate, civil wars?

There weren't that many alliances with the union or confederates


How do civil wars relate to problems in societies?

They ruined the Country because they made us weaker because we were hurting ourselves


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