Help Save the Rhinos and Elephants

Save Them

Save the elephants and rhinos

Rhinos and elephants are being killed because we are killing them for their skins and meat and horns and tusks. So stop the madness. Zoos are helping endangered animals zoos do research on the animals that they have so they see what is happening to them. so if you stop poaching. The elephants and rhinos do a lot of things for the earth so STOP POACHING.



THERE ARE ONLY 5 SPICIES LEFT SO HELP ME SAVE THEM. There are 5 elephants in each group. they weigh about 13,500lb. Elephant tusks are worth about 40,000 kilo. There where about 25,000 elephants in1989 now there are only 2,000 left so 23,000 have died over the years and this is because of poaching. So poaching should be outlawed.