Martin Luther King Jr

By Gabe lampa


Martin Luther King Junior is a Baptist minster and a leader in the African American civil rights movement. He was born in January 15, 1929 in Atlanta Georgia. martin Luther King Jr married Coretta Scott King and had 4 kids Yolanda, Martin Luther King JR the 3rd, Dexter and Bernice. Unfortunately he died in Memphis, Tennessee April 4, 1968 at an age of 39. he died by a ballistic trauma, which is a gunshot wound.

Martin Luther King Junior is remembered by his famous speech "I Have A Dream". This speech has touched everyone Perspective on segregation. In the speech he talks about what our founding fathers wrote in the declaration of independence. That all men where created equal, which in my opinion a good move.

connection to Present day

My topic Martin Luther King JR event is just like African American having problems with white cops today, Killing African Americans for no reason. Also white cops are taking innocent small African americans to jail. Which is messed up like don't we all have equal rights and till this day there is slavery still happening somewhere .


My topic Martin Luther King JR Changed society by using his famous speech "I Have A Dream". Martin has changed lots of African American lives. King JR had a dream that in society in which color was not an issue but till this day we have problems with racism. We all should be ashamed that Martin Luther King JR died for African American rights. Its not right, it is sad that he had to fight for his brother and sisters civil rights.


*martin tried to commit suicide on my pay 1914

*martin skipped two grade and went to college

*martin is the youngest person to win the noble peace till this date

*there are 700 streets named after Martin Luther King Jr.

*king was smoking on the day he got shot,

Connection to present day