TPT Project 6

The Phantom Tollbooth

Unit Concepts

TPT Connections-Value of Education-Milo didn't really like school or the subjects in it. He has trouble with those subjects and the Tollbooth takes him to a land where he learns about math,reading, and landuage so when he gos to school he can get good grages and get a good job.Importance of Common Sense-At Digitopilis Milo tried to get to infinity which is impossible because he would have to move up an infinite amount of stairs to get there.Appreciation of the Little Things-Milo gets a few gifts on his way to save Rhyme and Reason and some of them didn't really seem to help Milo had to appreciate that little help it gave him.Uses of Figurative Language- In The Phantom Tollbooth there is a lot of figurative language in Dictionopilis. Ex: Spellingbee Life/personal Connections-Value of Education-In life education will get you a good job, a family, and a house which will keep a nice life for you from your education. In my life with my education math is fun and easy and will posibly get me a job with a few more skills. Importance of Common Sense-In life common sense makes life easier and you don't look stupid like not putting the refridgeorator in the bathroom. In my life I stayed outside without sunscreen for to long and got really sunburned and it hurt for a couple of weeks.  Apreciation of the Little Things- In life enjoying the little things means well enjoying the little things like using snowglobes, easter eggs, marbles, pencils, and socks. In my life most of the time for me to appreciate the little things is to break alot of little things and using pencils for writing, math, science, and social studies. Uses of Figurative Language-In my life I don't really use figurative language in less I'm writting a story or a paper that needs it.


TPT Connections-                                                                                                                                                    Critical Thinking-In TPT Milo, Tock, and The Humbug must think criticaly to get through their jobs throughout their journey like in the valley of sound Milo was speaking a word and he stopped speaking to put that word into a cannon to shoot it at the castle to free the sounds. He had to think about it if he didn't finish the word he wouldn't be able to break the castle and free the sound.                                                                                                                                                               Problem Solving-In TPT M,T,H have to solve their own and other problem with the instructions given to them.  When M,T,H met the Tereible Trivium, Tock  had to fill a well with water using an eyedropper so he did it for hours in tell Milo asked the Trivium a question about the jobs and they escaped.                                                                                               Life Connections-                                                                                                                                      Critical Thinking- In my life I criticaly think when I need to when math problems are hard and writing a story.                                                                                                                                                      Problem Solving- I solve problems at my house, school problem like math, and personal problems.

The Books Main Characters