Thirteen Reasons Why

connecting greek mythology to my book

About Thirteen Reasons Why

Hannah Baker a girl my age that decided to kill herself and in order to explain why she did it, she made 13 tapes for the 13 reasons why she chose suicide. The story is told by a boy named Clay that was in the tapes but in order to find out which one he was in he had to listen to all of the 13 reasons why. When listening to these tapes there was a pain in him listening to her voice when knowing he couldn't do anything about it now. There ended up being a map that came with it showing him where all these things that lead her to commit in the horrible and sad thing she did. Hannah went through a lot of terrible things and some stupid things but her message through out this book was that everything matters in the end.

Protagonist & Antagonist

The protagonist in this story is Hannah and the antagonist is Clay. The protagonist is Hannah because she was the one that ended up killing herself and making the tapes. Clay is the antagonist because he was the one that was trying to solve the mystery.Clay is the one listening to the tapes and telling the story and Hannah is the one that you will listen to when Clay presses play.

Main Characters


Connection to Greek Mythology

1. My first connection to this book is that the main character Clay is the the character that played in the lighting thief.

2. My second connection is that Hannah Baker is just like Princess Ashe an old Greek princess because the princess killed herself by her own kingdoms defeat.

3.My last connection to Greek mythology is Clay has the traits of the Greek god Heracles Clay reminds me of Heracles because he is brave and has a lot of courage to listen to the tapes and follow what she says.


I recommend this book to all ages from middle school and beyond. It is a very touching and a easy book to get really into. It will also teach everyone lessons on what they're saying or doing does hurt the people around them. Also it teaches them to be a good friend to someone who is in need and just to watch their surroundings. Personally i really enjoyed the book because you never really want to put it down you always want to know what will happen next or what tape he is in. The writer did a very good job with how he wrote it from Hannah and Clay's prospective.