Panther News

Nov. 6- Nov. 10

Panther News

  • This is the last week of the six weeks. Please check your student's grades on HAC!
  • Just a reminder district policy states that academic practice (daily work) is not eligible for retakes
  • late work will not be accepted after 5 days (penalties apply to late work)
  • Veterans Day Assembly on Friday 11/10

Panther Science (McDermott)

  • CO2 Car Sketch and Design, Begin Cutting and Sanding


  • CO2 Car Build (Sketches Due by Today) Cutting and Shaping


  • CO2 Car Build, Cutting, and Shaping Begin Paint


  • CO2 Cars Build


  • CO2 Cars Build/ Veterans Day Assembly in the morning

If you are interested in helping with building our CO2 cars please click HERE. Please remember you must have submitted a volunteer form with the district.

Panther Science (Edrington)

Panther Social Studies (Hardcastle)

Monday: Quiz, Mini-Society activities

Tuesday: Mini-Society Production Day

Wednesday: Mini-Society Production Day

Thursday: Mini-Society Payday, Society Activities

Friday: Veterans day activities

It is not my intention or expectation for parents/guardians to have to go out and spend ANY money on mini-society products. It is the students' responsibility to look around the house and ask for any extra unused resources that they may use to CREATE a new product to sell during mini-society. Thank you in advance for all of your support.

Panther Math

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Panther ELA (Francis)

Monday - Library Day

Tuesday - Comprehension Check

Wednesday - Read/Free Write

Thursday & Friday - Begin Fiction Writing Planning

Panther (Gallagher)

Vocab #6 test this FridayMonday: Reading day. Bring. A. Book!! (It's a grade) Vocab test #5 & #6
Library Day
Wednesday: Writing process (fiction)
Thursday: Writing process (fiction)
Friday: Vocab test #5 & #6/ Writing process (fiction)