The Space Race

The United States of America versus the Soviet Union

The Space Race? What's so important?!

This event took place during the Cold War and began to thaw when the Cold War started to come down as well. This was a race between the United States and the Soviet Union to see who could make better and more arms and weapons. This competition was mainly for national pride, especially as the United States wanted to look stronger than any communist country. Also, there was an American fear that the Soviet Union would develop missiles to launch from space. This was an extremely important event because:

  • There were billions of dollars spent on this project (debatable whether the US should have used all that money on this)
  • Clearly showed the conflict between the two countries, and both countries were acting to gain national pride
  • Trying to show that a Republic or communism is the best economic/government system in the world

The Cold War and the Space Race

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These two events took place in the same time period and ended at about the same time. The space race is very similar to the Cold war. Both events showed that both countries wanted to gain national pride. Also, lots of money was spent on the Space Race, and a lot was spent on the Cold War too. Lastly, the Cold War involved fearful citizens, so did the Space Race. For example, many Americans believed that the Soviets could create a nuclear from space or a similar destructive weapon.
1969 Moon Landing

Watch a video to see the landing!