My Panther Life

Norfolk Junior High

By Shyann Dominguez

Home of the Panthers

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Favorite App or Game


Snapchat is an app that you take a picture of yourself and you send it to your friends. And if you want to, you can put the picture on your story. If you do put it on your story, everyone can see it. If you want to see the picture or video, you have to press and hold. And if the person wanted to text you, they have to slide to the left to see the text. And if you want to highlight the text, you have to tap on the words and it will highlight it for you. If you send a picture and if the person has an iPod, iPhone, or an iPad they can screenshot the picture and it will go to their gallery and they can do whatever they want with that picture.

By: Shyann Dominguez

My Autobiography

Shyann's Future

Shyann will attend Norfolk High School. In high school Shyann will be in volleyball, basketball, and track. When Shyann is in high school she will work at the movie theater. She will attend college in Ames, Iowa for a vet degree. Her first job was at the movie theater. When Shyann is 40-years-old, she will still plan on being a vet. When she is 40-years-old, she will look tall and skinny with brown hair with blonde highlights. She will be married and have two or three kids. Shyann will live in Sioux Falls. Her career for the past 10 years is being a vet. Her hobby is running. She will be a vet for the rest of her life. Her dream is to travel to all 50 states.

Movie Review

Fault in our Stars

Fault in our Stars is the best movie ever, and always will be the best movie ever. Augustus Waters met Hazel Grace at a depression center. That is where they discuss their problems. Hazel and Augustus both have cancer. Hazel makes Augustus read this book and it stopped at a very bad spot. Then Augustus demanded to know what happened after it. They sent an email to the author. They went on dates and picnics and all that fun stuff. The author wrote back and gave them a trip to ask him questions. So they did.

Feature Story

Snow Leopards

Snow leopards are an endangered species. They are beautiful and intelligent creatures. I don’t understand why anyone would want to kill the beautiful animals.

First, snow leopards live in Central Asia in the high mountains. They are sometimes called “Pounce. Some people said they have seen the leopards jump 50 feet in the air. Leopards don’t roar, they yowl. Their tails let them keep their balance when the are on the steep, rocky slopes.

Second, the leopards eat goats, birds, sheep, and small mammals that live high in the mountains. The leopards hunt other animals for food for themselves or for their babies. The animals can weigh up to 75 to 120 pounds. The animals can only have two to three litters of cubs. Snow leopards babies remain with their mother for 20 months, before they can go on their own. They can climb up to 18,000 feet above sea level.

In conclusion, the snow leopards are an endangered species. They are the most beautiful creatures, and now all we need to do is stop hunting these intelligent animals.

Nursery Rhyme

Wise Old Owl

Once upon a time there was a wise old owl named Hoot. It was September 18, 2001 and he lived in Germany.The more he saw the less he spoke. He did that because he was very shy. Then one day he found a girl who was very shy. She was a barn owl. Then they lived happily ever after

Motivational Ad

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Teamwork means we all work together. And there isn't me or I in the word teamwork.