Travel China

By: Sydney Milam

China !!

Many reasons to travel to China ,China is one of the most beautiful places in the world for example Shanxi:Hukou Waterfall as the largest waterfall on the yellow river ,and second largest in china ,Hukou waterfall is known around the country for once gracing the RMB 50 note.

At 20 meters high and 30 meters wide, the fall is located on the border of shanxi and shaanxi provinces.

The May to October flood season is the best time to visit , when water flow and velocity increase , sometime swelling the fall into a 50-meter-wide spectacular scene

Another interesting sight in china is Yungang Grottoes. This 1,500-year -old site is an important Buddhist Landmark.

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China has the most beautiful waters such as Lake Nam , Lugu Lake ,Heaven Lake and many more

China's main food's is rice and egg their is many other yummy food's in china waiting for you to find them on your visit .

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