Created by: Vanessa Shemerdiak, Sarah Galosi

Why are the pyramids triangles?

You may be wondering why the pyramids were built in the shape of a triangle. Well, the pyramid had slanted sides so that the dead pharaoh could "climb" to the sky and live forever. Also, the pyramid represented the rays of the sun.

Who really built the pyramids?

Many depictions have stated that the pyramid builders were slaves, but that is not true. The individuals who built the pyramids were neither foreigners nor slaves and there is proof. Skeletons were found showing the individuals who built the ancient Egyptian pyramids were Egyptians who stayed in the villages that were developed by supervisors of the pharaoh’s.

What were the pyramids built?

The ancient pyramids in Egypt were built for the dead pharaohs. The first pyramid that was built in ancient Egypt is called the Pyramid of Djozer. The best-known pyramids in Egypt are the Giza pyramids and they are recognized as some of the biggest structures that have ever been built. It is said Egyptians built pyramids in the triangle shape in order to represent the rays of the sun.