LV Technology

By: Ava Naef

Learn To Type

Learn to type is a website we used to get better at typing on a computer. The website gave us paragraphs and sentences to type on a computer. While we progressed in the website the letters we typed got harder. In the unit we did this we had to complete 6 lessons.

This is the link to the website.

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iTrailer is an app that is used to make trailers for movies. What the class and I did with itrailer is to make a trailer about anything we wanted to. At the end of the unit we got to present our trailers in front of the class if we wanted to.

Haiku Deck

In this unit we went on a website called Haiku Deck. This website let us create presentations for school. We used this website to present facts about our dream jobs. We used Career Locker for finding facts about our dream jobs.

This is the website Haiku Deck

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Explain Everything

In this unit we used an app called Explain Everything. In this app you could create a slide show that you could type and draw on. Our assignment was to complete a math problem on Explain Everything to show that we know how to use the app. Then at the end of the unit we presented our projects.

Career Locker

In this unit we used a website called Career Locker. This website let use decide what we want to be when we grow up. This website let us take quizzes about ourselves and Career Locker will narrow down the options on what we could be when we grow up.

Career Locker Website

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In this unit we used a website called In this website we learned how to program. The website gave us different levels and made it fun by adding characters like Ana and Elsa from Frozen. In the activity we had to get the characters from one end of the screen to the other by using commands.

The website for Coding