Freak the Mighty

By: Rodman Philbreck


This is a story about two young boy, Maxwell "Max" and Kevin "Freak", who become Freak the Mighty after the escape a gang of bad guys. Maxwell "Max" is a very large boy who is very slow and lives with his grandparents after his mothers death when he was a young boy and his father being in prison. Kevin "Freak" is a very small boy who is handicapped but super smart. The boys learn to face problems as a team and have many adventures during summer and go back to school. Max is kidnapped by his father and Kevin's health problems worsen. They learn to face the world with their best friends.

Grim and Gram

Grim and Gram are Max's grandparents and they take care of him and he lives with them because his father is in jail and his mother is dead.


The story takes place during summer when Max and Kevin meet and at the neighbor hood where Max lives and then Kevin moves in.


The theme of the story is the boys are always together and it shows that two is stronger than one and better. It is easier for them to over come obstacles and they are there for each other and defend each other when they are getting made fun because they both have irregularities in their appearance.