Hunting Animals

By: Sebastian Gomez

Should hunting animals be illegal?

Yes, because you are taking a life. Some people say "I do it just for sport or fun", but think about this: "What does animals feel", "What would happen if animals came to the extinction?"
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Thousands of plants and animals are classified as endangered or threatened species, indicating that they are at risk of becoming extinct. Environmentalists and conservationists around the world struggle to save endangered species from extinction. I agree with them, cause I wouldn't like to take a life to somebody who cannot protect himself.

Animal rights


Does a pig packed in a tiny factory cage waiting to be killed have any rights in America?
If animals had rights, we probably couldn't continue to impunity or wear their skins on our backs.
But precisely because our way of life depends on exploiting them, animals don't really have any significant rights.

I agree, but also i disagree with farm animals, they give us food and resources so, but when we're talking about wild animals, they should have it, they don't do anything to us.

Open season: Will Rebounding Wyoming Wolves Thrive Without U.S. Protection?


But the move also opens the door to a bloodier era.

Wolves are some of animals who are becoming into Species Extinct, I really don't know what will happen in the future.

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