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I'm a little taken with Smore so I thought I'd send out my email in a new format. See below for important scheduling information and involvement at upcoming events.

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My 1130 extension only rings at the Literacy Center now. If I do not answer you can email me or try to reach me through Kim at extension 1120. You may also call or text my cell at 716-913-8143.

MOY GIT Meeting: January 16, 2015

One of the sessions at the GIT meeting will be on the coaching cycle and the implementation of the TLI initiatives on the campuses. Each of us will present an area related to our campus. The presentations will be about 10-15 minutes and will be set up as rotating stations. Here are areas I thought of. Please call me in the beginning of this week so we discuss your session in more detail or decide on a different topic.

NPE: Stephanie I was thinking of having you share how you embedded a variety of coaching strategies into the guidelines and procedures you came up with after our discussion on coaching teachers.

MSI: Sue I would really like to highlight how the CPQs at MSI are connecting to (and strengthening) the Objective and Product, as well as some of the great feedback from the Technical Assistance visit.

TMS: Nicole and Kim I was wondering if you can share some of the ways you analyze data for driving classroom instruction. I also have something to add here from THJ that I am hoping you can present for me.

THS: Johna I think it would be great if you can share the Peer Rounds and debriefs the ELA teachers did for Vocabulary. The "iron sharpening iron" was impressive in action during the debrief I attended.


12/8 - 12/10 Call Natalie to discuss GIT meeting session and schedule a planning meeting (in general afternoons are best).

12/11 - 12/19 Individual planning meetings with Natalie

1/8/14 Critical Friends at the Literacy Center - We will present our sessions to each other for both feedback and so that we have an opportunity to ask questions to glean ideas for our own campuses since we will be presenting at the same time during the GIT meeting.




  1. NPE, MSI, and THS - Do we need to schedule a time to plan for the Booster Sessions in the beginning of January?
  2. It has been a long time since Kathy did our TOT for the Vocabulary Boosters and I've been brainstorming ways for us to engage in a refresher. What do you think about an online blog/book study? We could determine a reading plan in the Vocabulary Booster PD Binder that aligns with our PD preparation schedule. At pre-determined intervals we could each post short reflections, ideas for Booster PD planning, and connections to the coaching cycle, ect. I think an online type of PLC has a lot of potential to be both a time saver and a way for us to collaborate and enrich each other's practice. Online collaboration also aligns with 21st century learning and recommended TLI grant practices. Especially since we are literacy people, something like this should be right up our alley! Let me know if you like the idea (and share possible online formats) or suggest alternative ideas for a TOT refresher.