The Causes & Effects of Monsoons

By: Maddie, Rachel & Esther

What is a Monsoon?

A Monsoon is a rainy season: a period of heavy rainfall, especially during the summer over South and Southeast Asia

Monsoons Specifically in South Asia

Monsoon season is every summer in South Asia. South Asia, especially in India, is covered and drenched by rain causing monsoons. The rain comes from moist air masses that move in from the Indian Ocean and then they go to the south. It isn't just summer that has monsoons, winter also has monsoons. The video below shows and explains how the monsoons come and go between seasons and where the areas that are the most affected.


Monsoons happen when Earth's rotation is in respect with the Sun. Monsoon winds happen annually and their duration is impossible to predict. They originate from the difference between the temperatures of the sea and of the land.


Effects that monsoons have are different between monsoons in the summer and monsoons in the winter.

Winter Monsoons

Climate changes takes place

It is very hard to grow crops due to the lack of water

Summer Monsoons

Brings huge amounts of moisture from massive floods

Climate change takes place also