An Interview with Ms. Perdue

By: Hansly Martinez

Ever since Ms.Perdue was little she has always loved dance. She explains how she wasn't very good at sports and dance was the only thing she thought she was good at. In middle school she realized she loved performing and being on the stage. The thrill of being on a stage was breathe taking and felt amazing. She also started assisting her teacher and helping others become better it was a natural feeling to her. Once she got to high school it started to become about being apart of the school. She then join Drill team and started learning more.

Ms. Perdue went to UT and got her Batchlors on teacher sertificantion.

Some important facts:

  • Grade Level: all grade levels 9-12
  • Classes: Beginner dance, Intermediate Drill Team
  • Hours: works about 60 hpw *not including performances and football games*
  • Biggest Challange: to be positive and supportive tords students and to be selfless
  • Biggest Reward: seeing growth and improvement in all her students
  • Self-Motivation: 10 plus she gives all her energy to make her girls better people and dancers.
  • Description of class environment: lots of motivational sayings about staying focused, helping others, dont let anyone put your dreams down, having goals and striving to be amazing.