Dropping Money on the Ground

A teacher's impact on this situation

"Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops." -Henry Brooks Adams

What impact do you have on this problem?

Teachers are the leaders of CHS. They affect the students in many different ways and teach them how to become a better person. According to Linda Adams, who is a professional at CHS, teachers are usually the ones who turn in money that has been dropped on the ground. Teachers usually turn in money in larger amounts than students which means that these teachers are very honest and know how to do the right thing. With the ability to do the right thing and turn in dropped money that is found on the ground, teachers can teach the students of CHS what to do when they find dropped money on the ground.
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How can you help?

You and other teachers all over CHS are role models, and students look up to you for guidance and support. If you realize how important this issue is, students will see a need to solve this dropped money problem and make the hallways of CHS a much safer and trusting environment. By turning dropped money into student services when you find it or encouraging students to carry around a wallet which ensures protection for their money, you can easily prevent dropped money from being stolen and protect the students from being robbed.


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