Meal Plan

Meal plan for 7 days by Juliet Nichols & Megan Rosemeyer 🍴

Meal Planning

In order to have a delicious and successful meal for 7 days, it will require some planning.

Meals for 7 Days

Days 1-7 Planning Ahead


Day 1 - Pancakes with butter/syrup and orange juice

Day 2 - Eggs and toast with milk

Day 3 - Biscuits and gravy with orange juice

Day 4 - Oatmeal with yogurt and water

Day 4 - Cereal with strawberries with apple juice

Day 5 - Bagel with cream cheese and cranberry juice

Day 6 - French toast with milk

Day 7 - Hash-browns with apple juice


Day 1 - Ham sandwich with water

Day 2 - Chicken wrap with lemonade

Day 3 - Pasta salad with tea

Day 4 - Potato soup with water

Day 5 - Caesar salad with tea

Day 6 - Fruit salad with lemonade

Day 7 - Grilled cheese with soda


Day 1 - Veggie pizza with soda

Day 2 - Beef stew with milk

Day 3 - Tacos with soda

Day 4 - Spaghetti with water

Day 4 - Hamburger with fries and soda

Day 5 - Meatloaf with water

Day 6 - Stir fry with juice

Day 7 - Veggie pasta with water


For every meal, say we are on a budget of 30 dollars a day to buy whatever ingredients we need we should find the most reasonable priced items. Such as, store brand food items. Also another way to save money would be to check out the frozen food items instead of buying multiple ingredients to make one dish.


Preparing before coking any meal is vital, so that time is not wasted and extra trips to the grocery store is not made. Check to make sure every ingredient can be found in the kitchen before cooking and if an item can not be found, then a trip to Walmart is necessary. Also check for pots and pans and that all kitchen utensils are working properly; safety is key.


If there are multiple people involved in preparing a meal, it is important for everyone involved to have their own delegated job. For example, not everyone cooks meals at the same time or washes dishes. In order to get a job done, several people should be appointed to specific jobs. Doing so saves time and meals are successfully made.

Megan's job while preparing all meals would be to gather ingredients and mix any necessary concoctions or cut ingredients. Then, Juliet's job would be cook the food and clean up afterwards.

Time Saving Techniques

Saving time while cooking is important if hungry people are expected their food fast or certain foods need to be cooked right away. Some ways we could save time while cooking our 7 meals, we could buy remade food such as frozen sausage or uncooked biscuits. Other ways to speed up time would be to heat foods in the microwave such as oatmeal or in croc pots. It is very easy to find frozen meat in the deli section of every local grocery store.


When cooking a meal you have to have certain skills in preparing the food. If someone succeeds in chopping the food then they would be assigned to that position when making the food. A good chef should have multiple skills while cooking such as chopping, mixing, stirring, gathering, and presentation.


When we give a meal to our family members or friends, presentation of the meals is the first impression they experience. If the meal does not look delicious and edible on the outside, chances are they would not want to try it. Good ideas to make any dish more presentable is a clean plate with utensils and any special garnish to top it off. When a dish looks nice, it makes it even more desirable to others. Achieving this can also make the cook feel accomplished and successful in the result.

Looks nice

Make sure that the food on the plate is organized and not sloppy or that no effort was put into the preparation.