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St Peter's College 5th August 2022


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Kia ora e te whanau

As we welcomed back our students from the term break last week, it was a good time to remind each of them not to lose sight of the goals they set for themselves at the start of the year. It is now the right time for all our students to be aware that persistence pays and never giving up is the key to success.

The last two terms at school have been challenging but fruitful, and as we start this new term, it is very evident that persistence in every aspect of school life definitely has its benefits. Just like in sport when a particular play is not working out, the player practices and believes that this practice will eventually pay off. So also, in the area of academic achievement, assessments have been completed last term and there has been some great learning taking place in all curriculum areas. It is now important for every student to recognise those areas of weakness and work with persistence to overcome these areas of weakness and come out strongly in an important term of their school life. At the end of this term in the very last week we will have our derived grade examinations. These examinations help determine the readiness for the NZQA examinations in term four and they are also the back-up grades for any future illnesses or incidents that may stop students from sitting the NZQA examinations.

Prayer plays a huge part in us being persistent and requesting the Lord for guidance and strength. We may not see things occur immediately, but we must be patient and wait for God’s way and God’s time. There is a purpose in this wait and all that is required from us is belief, persistence and patience. As a community let us join together in prayer for our young people and know that the Good Lord has a purpose and plan for each one of them. Given the right guidance, support and care they will succeed in all they undertake. Take time to speak to them and encourage them to challenge themselves so that they can get out of their comfort zones and experience a growth mind-set that will enhance their possibilities for their future.

Luke 11:9-10 says, “And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.” Let this message be a source of inspiration and encouragement to all our young people as they progress through the year. May their persistence to pray and succeed be their goal now and well into the future.

Charity Fulfils the Law

Tara Quinney,


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Year 10 Blazer Fittings

Blazer forms are due in on Monday, 8th August. No form, no blazer, so please make sure you hand it in to the main office ASAP. Those who missed out getting fitted for a blazer, I will catch up with you sometime soon.

Thank you,

Leiza Egan

Uniform Shop Manager

Career Pathways Department

This week, on Monday, Year 13 students headed away from Gore at 6.30am for the Dunedin Tertiary Open Day. This was a great chance for students to have a look around both Otago University and Otago Polytechnic and Halls of Residence.

Below Sarah Griffin Smith has written about her day at Dunedin;

"Prior to Otago University Open day, I did not know what to expect. I was undecided on what I wanted to do next year although I had a general idea of direction. By the end of the day I had determined my course of study. I had the opportunity to attend the Open Days on both Sunday, 31st July and Monday, 1st August, so I had two full days experiencing what it's like to be a student at Otago University. I can confidently recommend attending these Open Days to the future Year 13's considering attending this university. They were so helpful and provided all the information I needed to be able to confidently decide on Otago as my place of study. I attended many talks and even an open lecture and was very impressed by all of them. I loved being on campus and exploring my future living and learning environment. Otago University has a beautiful campus as well as passionate lecturers and I am so excited to see what my future holds at the University of Otago"


Check out MoneyHub. It has several resources for students at school and those students planning to leave. This week we showcase their NCEA resources: MoneyHub has 10+ NCEA resources to help everyone attain Merits and Excellences - check it out and prepare for the upcoming internals and externals with confidence.

Upcoming Dates

1 August - Applications open for all University Halls of Residence

16 August - Lincoln University Course Planning

Gateway Programme

This week from the Gateway programme we have Luke Haywood. Luke is with Ajax Building Contractors and is currently working on site at the new One School.
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Year 8 Science: Sustainability Projects

The final topic for our Year 8’s ‘Our Future, Our Whenua’ looks at climate change and sustainability and for the assessment the students worked on group projects of their choice with a sustainability focus.

We had a wide range of projects from designing and building model energy efficient houses (either physically or virtually) and then writing a detailed report on the materials used and why. Exploring the damage caused by plastics in the ocean urged two groups to focus on microplastics in beauty products and then subsequently make and market their own brand of sugar scrub exfoliator.

The damage caused by deforestation prompted another group to look at the use of palm oil and then make chocolates with and without palm oil as ingredients. Riparian planting/ground with vegetation growing as opposed to bare soil was explored by another group and cleverly, yet simply, demonstrated in class to show the difference in sediment content in water after what would be a rain event.

Another group were looking at how much rubbish we create and decided to focus on plastic bottles in particular. They then wrote to the Mayor about the possibility of installing water fountains in both Gore and Mataura as a way to tackle this problem. His assistant then contacted us and they met with him last week to discuss this issue and present their research to support the idea.

Here are a few of the projects that were undertaken.

Report by Matilda Gemmill

Last Friday, Gabby Evans, Charlotte McVicar, Thea Manoop, and I, accompanied by Mrs Thompson, went to the Gore District Council after completing a science assignment about our small solution to reduce waste in Gore. We planned a whole speech for the Mayor, Tracy Hicks, that water fountains would reduce the number of plastic bottles being used as well as help health problems when people use the water fountains instead of drinking fizzy.

Worldwide more than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfill every day and in New Zealand people on average spend $266 a year on plastic water bottles.

He thought it was a promising idea and would be one of the possibilities brought up in discussions on how to reduce rubbish in Gore.

We explained if people/families needed to purchase a drink whilst they were out, water can be around $3.00 a bottle and fizzy $1 a bottle and how some people may need to choose the cheaper option. Some of the health problems associated with drinking sugary drinks like fizzy are that more than 40% of 5 year old children in New Zealand have tooth decay from consuming too much sugar. In New Zealand it is estimated that 264,000 people had diabetes in 2019, an increase of around 10,000 people from 2018, which is a direct result of excess sugar.

We hope this will be a minor change that we have asked the Mayor to help our future here in Gore.

Matilda Gemmill, Year 8

MathsWeek 2020: August 8 - 12

Next week, students around the country will be engaging in MathsWeek activities; most of which will be different to the usual classroom work. Here, at St Peter’s College, students in Years 7 – 10 will also be participating in some different challenges.

We will be running the annual Years 7 & 8 competitions. Students will compete in teams of four and answer problem solving questions related to Mathematics. From these, students will be selected to attend the annual SMAC Maths Competition, to be held in Invercargill on Wednesday, September 28.

We will have the popular “Guess the Number of Jellybeans in the Jar” that students from all year levels can enter.

Students in Years 7 – 11 will be encouraged to enjoy the activities that are offered on the official MathsWeek website . There are activities on here that all family members can get involved in, so get your child to show you what is there. All the Maths teachers are registered, so they can access the material as well.

Carolyn Hunter – HELA Mathematics

Some great design work from Year 11 Materials Technology

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"Walk like an Angel" stilt group at The Hokonui Fashion Awards

"Walk Like An Angel" surprised and delighted people attending the Hokonui Fashion Awards on both Friday and Saturday evening. The five stilt performers had a wonderful time and looked fabulous.

Blair Vining, Southland Charity Hospital, Mufti Day

Last Friday we had a red, white and black mufti day for the Southland Charity Hospital. There were some great costumes on display. Thank you for all those who donated; we are delighted to say we exceeded our goal of raising $1,000 and will actually be donating $1,228.30.

In November 2020 we held a PBL Exhibition and students were acknowledged for how their projects displayed our school values of Compassion, Community and Commitment.

Principles of Catholic Social Teaching such as enhancing Human Dignity and working for the Common Good were also acknowledged as were the 21st Century Learning Skills of Resilience, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Today we would like to acknowledge and congratulate one of our Year 12 students who began a project in 2019 and has to wait until this year to see it completed. Congratulations to Kate Perkins in Year 12.

In the July holidays I was lucky enough to finally complete my 2019 Project Based Learning task. My project was initially to fundraise and purchase supplies for Yalobi School in Fiji. Yalobi School is a small primary school in the Yassawa islands. I visited this school, and I knew I wanted to help out in some way as they had very few resources such as books and sports equipment. After fundraising by making cheese rolls and purchasing the equipment which consisted of netball, rugby, and soccer balls and some stationery, I was considering sending over the equipment. However, with the uncertainty of the supplies getting there I decided to wait and hopefully take it over myself. Covid then got in the way of my initial plan.

Finally in July, I was able to take the supplies over. I then faced one final obstacle, the village where Yalobi School is situated was infected with Covid – 19. Therefore, we split the supplies in two, and one bag went by boat to Yalobi school and I delivered the other bag of supplies to another deserving school, the Ratu Apenisa Memorial School. The school and community were very grateful to be receiving these supplies, and the children were excited with their new sports equipment to play with. I feel very fortunate and grateful to finally be able to complete my PBL project as I was very aware of it being uncompleted for 3 years!!

Kate Perkins, Year 12

Hokonui Fashion Awards

Congratulations to our very own Viv Tamblyn for winning the Peroni Glamour Award, coming 3rd place in Daywear and a merit in Natural Fibre! Well done to many of our awesome student models too!

Our student models this year were amazing. Thank you to the following students:

Abby Gutschlag

Lucy Morrison

Abby Hailes

Callum Boult-O'Neill

Max Milliken

Seba Metzler

Jay Wadsworth

Hannah Findlay

Not often can be discovered in a crowd and described as the best dressed in the room by Steve Dunstan, founder of Huffer. This happened to Hannah Findlay on Saturday afternoon at a designers talk, part of the activities for the Hokonuis Fashion Event.

Photo: Steve Dunstan of Huffer, left Hannah Findlay centre holding raffle tickets and Kathryn Wilson, shoemaker of the same name, on the right.

Congratulations to Briar Sharp

Briar Sharp went to the Inaugural Southern Country Music Awards in Dunedin. Briar won the Junior Vocal Solo and the Junior Country Rock section. She went on to be Junior Overall Winner with a song she wrote about her pony and has qualified for the Entertainer of the Year to be held in Tauranga in mid October. Well done Briar; good work.

Gore Musical Theatre presents the production of Seussical Junior from 4th - 7th August

These amazing students are in the cast of Seussical Junior:

Finn Kelly, Jude Terry, Alexander Geddes, Matilda Gemmill, Isabel Dickson, Arayah Davie, Olivia Kelly, Aria Wilson and Samantha Marsh. Good luck for opening night this Thursday! The audiences are going to love you.

This is a show for all ages and we would love the St Peter’s College community to support these clever students and enjoy a night or afternoon out. Their transformation on stage is magical!

Tickets are available by following this link

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Please feel free to send in any of your child's sporting achievements if you would like them to appear in the newsletter. Email them to

Students - There will be a blue notice board in the fishbowl. This is where all your upcoming and current sport events notices can be found.

Weekly sports photos

If you have any sporting photos you would like to share please email these to Jess Young and we will put them in the newsletter for you.

New Zealand Cross Country Championships

Max McGregor ran in the New Zealand Cross Country championships in Taupo last week, where he came first in the U14 boys 3000m; time - 10.35min. Well done Max - such a fantastic achievement.

Term 3 - Sports Planner 2022

Please note, change to sports planner below

We will not be attending the Northern Southland College due to staffing issues and student assessments.

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Coming up.......

Life Education Bus - Wednesday, 3rd to Tuesday, 9th August

Year 13 PE Camp - Sunday, 7th - Tuesday, 9th August

School Board meeting - Wednesday, 10th August

Bishop's Shield - Friday, 12th, to Sunday, 14th August

Year 8 Deep Cove Camp - Saturday, 20th August to 28th August

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