MKS News - October 2021

Celebrating YOU as we celebrate 20 years!

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Important Dates


  • Oct 4-9 - Invite A Friend Week!
  • Oct 9, 1-3pm - MKS Family Fun Festival
  • Nov 8-Dec 18 - Fall 3 5-Week Mini Sessions/Workshops
  • Nov 23-28 - No Classes for Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec 22-21 - No Classes for Christmas Break

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Social Media and the Dance World

Social media. It’s infiltrated every part of our life — our relationships, travel, work, news, school and entertainment. Technically, social media includes any website or application that enables users to create and share content within a social network. Take a moment to think about how many times you utilize social media per day. That’s not only Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter and Snapchat but also Yelp, blogs, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit and more. And especially in the past year and change, our lives – and the social media we use in it – have completely flipped upside down. During periods of quarantine and being apart, social media has allowed us to reconnect with friends of the past and make new ones. When companies’ seasons were canceled, technology and social media allowed them to still have a presence.

But is this all good? Do we rely on social media too much, or does too much time on our devices have an adverse effect on our mental health? There are positive and negative effects of social media on our society at large, but how does it affect the dance world in particular? Let’s take a closer look. To read the full article:

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We are a family-friendly dance studio that offers a Christ-centered environment. Dance at MKS is about using your talents, strengthening your body and mind, and building character.