Touring Caravan Parks North Wales

Why is Wrexham the best Holiday Park town in North Wales?

North Wales, with its naturally beautiful landscape, offers some of the best locations in the World for holiday parks. Holiday parks are places where you can drive your caravan to and park them for a few days in order to relax and unwind, and enjoy the hospitality provided by the park management. Caravan parks are a great way to get away from the daily grind, as they allow people to take in some fresh country air, and engage in the various activities that are offered by many of the caravan parks across North Wales.

There are many North Wales holiday parks situated in the Wrexham area, all of which offer parking facilities for your caravan or Motorhome. Wrexham is a prime location in North Wales as it is a short drive to the Welsh Hills, to the amazing Roman ruins of Chester, and for exploring the rich history of the Wrexham County Borough. A few minutes’ drive to Wrexham Town Centre will allow you to visit several historical sites that will show you the lives the locals had many centuries ago. There are several historical places that are worth seeing, and these include Pontcysyllte Aqueduct that was built two centuries ago for the purpose of ferrying materials in and out of Cefn Mawr. It has arches that are a stupendous 200 foot high, and it spans the Dee River - truly a breathtaking sight.

The beauty of staying in one of the many touring caravan parks North Wales is that you can spend a bit of time enjoying the various tourist attractions available in the area. Valley Crucis Abbey is another popular attraction, that was built in the thirteenth century and shows off the architectural brilliance of our ancestors. The Abbey was mostly destroyed by Henry VIII but there are some well-preserved remains that enable us to get a glimpse into the austere life of the monks at the time.

Erdigg Hall is another national monument that is cared for by the National Trust, and here you can witness the luxury life style that the privileged members of society led in yesteryears. Erdigg Hall also has some wonderful gardens that visitors can access for leisurely walks.

Despite Wrexham's old world charm, it still has great shopping potential as well. For example, the Monday markets held in Wrexham are the largest in the whole of North Wales. Wrexham Town Centre is pedestrianised, and so is perfect for people to get around easily - especially those who are disabled. The town centre also has several short stay car parks that allow visitors to shop until they drop and fill their car boots full of goodies! The multitude of caravan parks located near these attractions are all highly comfortable, and so will make you want to prolong your stay as long as possible in order to explore the area more.