Germany vs Afghanistan

world indicators

Comparing both countries:

Germany is considerd a developing nation. They are highly advanced in technology, and also everyone has access to clean water. Unlike Grmany, Afghanistan isn't considered a developing nation due to having only 3.7% of their population having access to the internet and 78% of people living in urban areas having access to clean water. 82.5% of people in Germany have access to the internet, and 100% of their population has access to clean water in urban areas.

Germany's population growth is is decreasing and their annual population growth is currently -0.1. Unlike Grmany, Afghanistans population is increasing at an alarming rate and is their annual population growth is 2.7%. Germay's life expectancy for females is, 83 and males is 78. These numbers are really high but Afghanistan's are really low; their life expectancy for females are 48, and for males, 48 as well.

Afghanistan's government spends $38 on thir health expenditure per capita;Germay spends $4668 per capita. This is a very large comparisent between both the countries. 29 out of 1000 people own a motor vehicle in Afghanistan; and 564 people in Germany.