Canada in 2060

What will Canada look like in 2060

What will Canada look like in 2060?

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this smore will show you what i think will happen to Canada's population in the year 2060 in terms of birth rate and death rate, immigrating history and how the first nations will be affected, and what challenges may Canada face as a country. Also I will take the opportunity of briefly outlining Canada's current immigration, demography, and the first nations situation in Canada.

Immigration to Canada

Canada immigrates 250,000 thousand people each year. The continent that has immigrated the most to Canada, is Asia. The reason that Asia has the greatest immigration number to Canada is because of lack of education, lack of health care, and war. Also the two greatest populated countries, China and India have "gendercide" issues. When if you have a baby girl that means you must have to kill them and keep trying for a boy. They believe this because they say that boys can bring wealth to the family and carry on cultural beliefs. Although it doesn't make sense because without girls you couldn't make a family and grow. The reason that Canada receives many Indian and Chinese citizens is because of this, Chinese citizens are accustomed to 1 child per family. Therefore if you wanted to raise more than just one kid you would have to leave the country to a better place like Canada, and same goes with India. It is common for you to abort your child if it is a girl, and if the parents don't agree with that, they would have to make the move of moving to another country.
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First Nations in Canada

The First Nations, Métis, and Inuits lived a long and hard life, and they're the reason why Canada has it's name. They're the original people of Canada and had owned all of this land until the Europeans came and claimed it as theirs. They got tortured and the government wanted to kill the Indian in the kids, so they took their kids and cut their hair. Sadly, it got to the point where some of the kids died. We need to start treating aboriginals equally like any other Canadian citizen and give them proper education and health care. Aside from all of that the Aboriginals have a population of 1.2 million people and growing rapidly. 1996-2006 (10 years) grew by 45% , and From from 2006-2011 ( 5 years) the population grew by 25% . 50% of aboriginals are under the age of 24, and they are located in urban, rural, and remote locations across Canada they're usually located on lands called reserves. While Canada's non-aboriginal population is 35.6 million. You have an option of listening to a song about Aboriginal heroes, his name is Wab Kinew a person who really loves his Aboriginal culture and wants it to move on to the future.

Wab Kinew

Heroes by Wab Kinew

Canadas Demography

The death rate, birth rate, and net migration rate for Canada is listed below

  • 10.29 births/1000 people (2014)
  • 8.31 Deaths/1000 people (2014)
  • 5.66 migrant(s)/1000 people (2014)
  • Life expectancy is 81 years old

First Nations in Canada (2060)

The aboriginals are growing very fast, and if they grow like they are now their population will greatly increase, in 2060 they will have a huge number of 13.5 million aboriginals, and 6.75 million under the age of 24, only if they continue to grow by 25% every 5 years (like it is now). And they will bring back their culture and language back into Canada. This is important because we need people to fill in schools, and jobs. Right now 40 schools will be shut down because of lack of students, and it will provide more jobs for all the teachers and principals who can't find a job and will help the schools stay running. In my opinion this is important because i'd rather have aboriginals in Canada rather than extremists from different countries that may be able to sneak into Canada and cause terrorist attacks like 9/11.

What challenges may happen to Canada?

In my opinion Canada will face 1 challenge only, if no war happens. Because everyone 40 years or older will die, and the birth rate will go down for these reasons. First, it's too expensive to take care of babies because you have to buy baby food, diapers, and toys which is very expensive we will also run out of natural resources. Second, the immigrants will discover birth control and will no longer have babies. Canada's population will decrease and we'll have no people to fill in jobs and our economy will go down.

Birth rate and Death Rate in Canada (2060)

In 2060 I think that the population will decrease because everyone from the age group from 40 years old and older will grow very old (no offense) and the life expectancy in Canada right now is 81, therefore in 45 years, they will be 85 years old or older. And the death rate will highly increase. And the birth rate will also increase but only by a bit, because the number of kids that people usually have in Canada is around 2-3 max. There is also birth control, also to have a baby it is very expensive like buying, diapers, baby food, and toys.


As a result of my smore, i have proved my predictions thoroughly and with real evidence from the Canadian encyclopedia. Anything could happen in the future wars, and unexpected issues in our world. But if that doesn't happen, what i have stated above is what will happen in the year 2060.