EMS Newsletter

January 21st, 2022

Letter from the Principal

Dear EMS Families,

I hope this note finds you well. Today marks the end of the first semester of school; while this has been an eventful year, it’s hard to believe half of another school year is behind us. I, for one, am looking forward to steadily earlier sunrises, later sunsets, and warmer days after this week’s deep chill.

The weeks since the return from December break have certainly been tumultuous in terms of changing COVID guidance, the end of on-site test-to-stay, and getting a handle on the distribution and use of at-home rapid tests. I am relieved to say that I think we have turned a corner and are settling into the prescribed routine for this new phase. If you continue to have questions about how we are currently handling testing or quarantine, please take a look at the updated guidance posted below. Be sure to check out your student’s backpack for rapid tests whenever a class they are in is listed on the district’s daily close contact email – and please keep packing masks for your child to wear. Thank you, as always, for your patience and support.

And of course, life, learning and laughter continue to go on in our classrooms. From a 6th grade project to recreate the digestive tract and the formation of a lunchtime book club, to the study of ancient civilizations and ongoing practice in classical and contemporary string music, our students are still striving and thriving!

Be well, and never hesitate to reach out with questions, or just to say hello! I look forward to the day when we can close the distance between school and home once again. Until then, my hope is that we are doing all we can to help you feel connected to your child’s learning, teachers, and this learning community.



EMS Announcements

End of Quarter 2

Quarter 2 ended on Friday, January 21st. Quarter 3 will begin on Monday, January 24th. New class schedules will be handed out on Monday morning.

Covid Updates

Please continue to check your emails for BSD Covid Updates. The district is following the AOE’s new “COVID-19 Prevention and Mitigation Measures for Winter 2022” and new Test at Home Protocols as of 1/18/22.

Videos on how to use the antigen home test

Flow Flex https://youtu.be/dpszh_kYdsA

BinaxNow https://youtu.be/QB38rlDRVis

Safety First at Pickup and Drop Off

Greeting from Burlington Parking Services! As of last summer, the City’s Parking Enforcement team was moved from the Police Department to the Department of Public Works and rebranded as Parking Services. We are now a one-stop-shop for “everything parking” in Burlington. Along with managing parking meters, garages and lots our of Parking Service Agent crew works in the streets every day to keep the City safe for vehicles, pedestrians and emergency vehicles. Yes, this includes writing tickets, but that isn’t our goal. Our goal is safety, first and foremost.

To that end, our crew has observed a number of safety issues around schools at drop-off and pick-up time; primarily related to parking in dangerous locations (i.e. no parking zones), standing in the travel way (flashers don’t make it safe or legal) or even parking straddling crosswalks (blocking pedestrians). All of these scenarios are dangerous and will also earn you a ticket. But we would rather be safe than write a ticket. Also, remember, just because you may be sitting in the car, that doesn’t make it a safe place to park. If an agent approaches, please remember they are working on the side of safety.

That said, we certainly understand the challenges of drop-off and pick-up, this is why we have teamed with the School Department to help remind everyone that safety is the #1 priority. We’re working together to develop some simple signs that reiterate the parking rules and reinforce our shared focus on safety. Of course, our Parking Service Agents will also be there to help everyone understand the rules and write tickets as needed, but we would much prefer that everyone park safely.

If you have any questions please reach out to Parking Services:

Parking Services Manager Leonard Ducharme, lducharme@burlingtonvt.gov

Division Director, Parking and Traffic Jeff Padgett, jpadgett@burlingtonvt.gov

Thanks for parking safely!

Jeff Padgett

Division Director for Parking and Traffic