Counseling Corner

Social Emotional Learning Support for K-5 Huskies

Join us in supporting our Husky R.O.C.K. traits at home!

Here are some simple steps to connecting our school wide positive behavior initiative to your student, your family, and your home.


When you compliment your child add one of the R.O.C.K. words to your praise.

  • That was very respectful when you listened to the man taking your order. You spoke loud and clear for him to hear you as well. You said "thank you" and that shows respect and kindness.
  • You are becoming so organized with your work. You showed me right where your permission slip for the field trip was!
  • Thanks for cooperating and helping us get the house ready for the birthday party. Now, we have more time to enjoy our day.
  • I saw how kind you were to that little girl who was playing alone at the playground. Thanks for noticing her.

Be the FIRST to support your child's Social and Emotional health at HOME.

Mrs. Rudy loves to help families. There are amazing resources out there to help you gain control of new behaviors and life changes your child may be experiencing. Three of my "go to" websites are below. The first website has even more resources if you sign up for a free account.

Conscious Discipline: helping you to become a safe, connected, problem-solving family

Child Mind Institute: Transforming Children's Lives

Look Up Indiana: This website is a treasure trove of mental health resources for all ages.

Mrs. Rudy is a firm believer in Restorative Practice. Restorative Practice focuses on building positive relationships. When a child misbehaves, the focus is on the harm done and how to fix it, instead of only focusing on the punishment. There are still consequences with these practices, but there is also teaching, learning, and taking ownership of one's actions. Please see Mrs. Rudy any time for more restorative practice materials to use at home.

Counseling Schedule at HHPS and HHES

Mrs. Rudy will be supporting HHES students on Monday afternoons and all day on Wednesdays. She will be at HHPS Monday mornings, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and most Fridays.

Teachers and Parents can recommend students for a once a week 6-8 week Counselor Course. These begin in late fall and again in late winter.

Would your child like to join a lunch group or be partnered with a lunch mentor?

Mrs. Rudy's lunch groups meet once a week for 6-8 weeks at lunch time for a game, discussion, or activity. These are offered in late fall and late winter. The lunch mentors meet with students 2-4 times a month for the entire school year. The mentor program will be smaller this year due to construction, but 3rd and 4th students with mentors last year will have the option to continue with this program.

Talk to Mrs. Rudy if your child needs to talk one on one about ANYthing, ANYtime!

We are PARTNERS for your students!

Need help? Reach out to our teachers, administration, or Mrs. Rudy before problems get too big. We are here to help.