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Spring is here

Bird Box Cam+

I received details of a colleague's annual event today and thought it might be of interest to you.

Briefly, she has set up a web cam in a bird box in her garden as uses an itslearning course to involve pupils in a range of bird-related activities: video stream, data handling a blog and more.

The resources are available whether you are an itslearning school or not, though if you are, you can add the resources to your own course and tailor it to suit.

Access information from Sheila

Spring is in the air again and Beryl and Brian (!) Blue Tit look to have decided my nest box will be a good place to build their nest, therefore I have started to broadcast and put stuff together and share across the its learning community.

The course is called Watch the birdie 2015 - registering will create an email to me and I will add you in. All details about content are on the dashboard.

All content has been shared using Page and can be found using the add content from library. Search, again using watch the birdie, for all eight links to appear. Add to as many courses as you want.

I've also created a generic login for anyone to use, itslearning users or not, so again please feel free to share.

web address


password birdie15

I've also revamped a newsletter I produced this time last year giving full details. Link below.

Fingers crossed for a good season.

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