Sarah W, Sam A, Rachel F, Bridger O, Rachel V

What is Jealousy?

Definition- an emotion, and the word typically refers to the thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, concern, and anxiety over an anticipated loss or status of something of great personal value, particularly in reference to a human connection.

Qualities that jealous people possess

  • Unhappy
  • Ungrateful
  • Greedy
  • Low self esteem

"BEWAWE OF JEALOUSY, for verily it destroys good deeds the way fire destroys wood." - Hadith

Overcoming Jealousy

1) Recovering personal power

2) Shift your point of view

3) Identify the core beliefs

4) Become aware

5) Develop control over your attention

What can YOU do about it?

  • appreciate what you already have; it's probably more than you think
  • if you see someone that's being jealous, help them see they have a lot
  • if all else fails, think of those who are less fortunate than you such as kids in Africa
Dealing With Jealousy


A green eyed monster within,
in behaviour satan's akin.
Other's possessions are his attraction,
flies on wings of dissatisfaction.
Hopes more for other's loss than his gain,
can take ugliest of forms without constraint.

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