The Raven Flyer

May 16, 2016

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Children First, Always...The Bryan Way!

It's a Raven Thing!

Be the One ! Committed to Excellence!


Bryan ISD will provide positive educational experiences that ensure high school graduation and post-secondary success.

The Standards Based Teacher...

  • Follows BISD Curriculum

  • Monitors Student Mastery

  • Engages Learners

  • Provides SE-Based Environment

  • Uses Aligned Assessments

  • Delivers Aligned Instruction

  • Plans Aligned Units

As you plan, use these additional questions to guide your planning:

  1. What do we want students to learn?

  2. How will we know that they have learned it?

  3. How will we plan and deliver quality instruction so that students are likely to learn it the first time?

  4. How will we respond when students have already learned it?

  5. How will we respond when some students have not learned it?

Note------ Grading Guidelines.

EOY Checklist

The end of year checklist will be placed in your box this week.

CSEC and Placement Cards

*****Team Leaders-Please submit artifacts or items (can be copies) that reflect parent involvement(sign in sheets, agendas, flyers, letters home, etc.) Turn them into the folder outside Mrs. Morgan's office by Wednesday, May 18.

Thank you for your help with gathering this documentation.

Also, please turn in completed placement cards sorted in classes by Wednesday, May 18.

Awards Assemblies

On May 26, in grades 1-4 we will celebrate our student's growth towards their goals in assemblies in the cafe. Grades 1-2 will be at 8:15 and grades 3-4 at 9:30. Please prepare the awards to distribute and bring them to the cafeteria on that morning. Spirit sticks will be available in the office. Every student should be celebrated. We will team to present the awards.

Kinder and grade 5 will have the option of including this celebration and recognition of student goal attainment into their graduation ceremonies.

CKH Process Champions

Kyndall Stotts, Kim Latterman and Veronica McCulloch have stepped up to be Process Champions for the 2016-2017. They will be recruiting more Process Champions to be trained at the beginning of the school year so we can implement Champion Circles.

Stay tuned.

Mentor Coordinators

Thank you to Carrie Thigpin, Julie Bockelmann and Nancy Chapman for stepping up to learn more about the Ginger Tucker Mentor Model this summer.

CHAMPS Leaders

Muchas gracias to Dawn Bell and Cathleen Carney for saying yes to being a CHAMPS trainer for 2016-2017.

EOY DRA/EDL testing windows

All students in grades K - 2 will be given the DRA/EDL test during the April 11 - 22 testing window. Students in grades 3 -5 will be given the DRA/EDL from May 12 - 25.

Playground Supervision

When monitoring the playground, supervision is of the utmost importance. You're in charge!

When staff stands side by side, the focus could easily shift to the conversation at hand, instead of the supervision of the students, so separating and circulating is ideal. Make certain you can see all of the students, and that the students can see you at all times. If play is too rough, address it right away, i.e.,highly competitive football games without official referees, and give students a time out if necessary.

TAIS Quarter 4 Goal-How are we doing? How are you doing?

75% of the work sampled will demonstrate mastery of content through application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

A few housekeeping items...

Please send a list of the absent students in your class to Teresa Sykes by 8:15 am each day.

Be in the cafe by 7:25 for Friday Morning Meeting to greet and manage students. Shake their hands, smile at them.
Move all lesson plans into your personal planner. This is a requirement.
You are encouraged to take advantage of the collaborative planning sessions with the IC's.

Student Management

CKH and Conscious Discipline
Teacher-“My job is to keep you safe!”
Student- “My job is to help keep it that way!

Evidence of Capturing Kids Hearts
N/A (This teacher has not yet been to CKH training.)
Social Contract is posted, visible, and written in the correct format. (implemented 100% at Houston)
Non-verbal signals are used by the teacher when appropriate.
Students are responding to non-verbal signs by the teacher.
Teacher refers to the social contract (when processing conflict & violations).
Teacher is meeting/greeting students with a handshake as they arrive.
Good things and/or launches are being used.
Affirmations are a part of the classroom environment.
The 4 questions are being used appropriately. (What are you doing? Supposed to be doing? Are you doing it? What are you going to do about it?)
Students are self-managing with non-verbal signs.

Dress Code
Classroom teachers are the first line of defense!
Are you setting a good example?
If out of dress code and repeat offender-Please send students to the office by 8:15 am.

Note-If this is the first time they are out of dress code and it is not extremely inappropriate, let them know to not wear the clothing again and contact the parent.

I Can Statements
Content objectives should be displayed in student friendly language (I can) on board, chart or wall and be visible to the student. The content being taught should match a posted I can statement. Language objectives should begin with I will and be aligned to the instruction.

Being on time for duty is critical to the safety of our children! Grades K & 4 have front drive duty this week. When on duty in the front, please supervise the safety patrol and fill in where necessary.

See Houston Faculty Calendar for DATES TO REMEMBER and UPCOMING MEETINGS… See personal calendars for ARD’s and 504’s.
Please refer to the Houston Faculty calendar and your personal calendar daily/weekly as a reference!

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Affirmations and Birthdays!

Happy Birthday...

5/17-HB, Jacinta Dalby!

Care and Concern:

Teresa Sykes is doing well and says to tell everyone she misses them. She is probably going to stay with Corinne Mobley for a few days when she leaves the hospital. Good plan!

Melody Kapchinski is recovering from her most recent surgery. She needs our prayers, too. She has a positive outlook and is determined to teach again.

Shout Outs:

Many thanks to Rhonda Elam for her leadership as Testing Coordinator for STAAR. Excellent job!

What about the signing of the pledges by Lisa Myhra's class on Friday? That was very special and something they'll always remember. Nice job of making connections with your students!

Many thanks to Annette Cedillo for staying until 10:00 pm on Friday night to shampoo our carpets for our upcoming end of the year events.

For those of you that are documenting intervention progress on the forms that are found in the workroom! The fluency graph is key to use for documenting reading fluency and math fact fluency.

Kudos to everyone that is embracing the Roundtable/ RtI process and completing all forms for students in need. If you think a student needs more support and services, advocate for the student by presenting them at Round Table or RtI. We believe you know best!

Always want to know if someone deserves an affirmation...Send them my way and I'll include them in the weekly message.