The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids

By: Josh Afdahl


Plot- In the story what happens is that the goat mother takes off and leaves her little ones behind to take care of the house. Before she leaves she tells them to never ever let the wolf in. Even if he talks like their mother or dresses up like her and so they tell their mother that everything will be fine and that she can leave to the forest without worrying to get them food. After she leaves the wolf comes and tries to get in with his soft voice, but the little goats can still tell its the wolf because it is still a little rough. So he goes away and eats some chalk to make his voice softer and when he goes back he tries to get in again but then the little goats see his black feet and realize that its not their mother. Finally the wolf goes to the baker and tells him that his feet are hurting and that he needs to rub dough on them to make them feel better. Now his feet are white, so he goes back and knocks once again and the kids think that it is his mother so they let him in. But once they let him in they realize that its the wolf and they scatter. The wolf finds them all eventually and eats them all and when the mother comes home she sees the wolf sleeping by the tree and she finds out that the wolf ate her kids. Then she cuts him open and all of her 7 kids pop out of the wolf and then she tells her kids to go get stones to put in his stomach. When the wolf wakes up he is thirsty, so he decides to go over to the well and get a drink, but he falls in and can't get out. At the end the little kids see him struggling and he finally drowns to death.


The setting takes place at the Goat and the 7 little kids home and also outside of their home by the tree and the well. What made me think this from the fairy tale, because when the mother first left to go get food everything took place at the house and the 7 little kids never left and the wolf came to them. He never had them come to him.


If he comes in, he will devour you all- skin, hair, and everything.


In this fairy tale the mother goes off to the fetch for some food and she leaves the kids alone by themselves. She tells them to not let the wolf inside no matter and even if he sounds like her. In this fairy tale it gives a lesson that if you hear or see someone that looks like someone else that it doesn't really mean that it is the person you think it is. So in a situation like that even if it is the person that you think that it is you should wait until an adult is there to let them in, just in case.