Good Morning Kansas City ,MO

By Hannah.D, Matt.M, and Drew.S

Todays weather

Its May 23, 2013. The temperature is 61ºF. It won’t change much today. It’s a cool day so you will need a light jacket. The humidity is at 70%. The wind speed is 9 mph going in a North in a Northwest direction. It’s not a windy day so your not going to be blown off your feet. It is partly cloudy. You’re not going to need sun screen because of the clouds which will make some shade. There is a low pressure system which is causing it to be cloudy and somewhat humid. The barometric pressure is 30.10”. There will be no rain today. So there is no need for umbrellas. Today is a good cool day perfect for playing outside. Make sure to go outside and get fresh air because this nice cool weather doesn't last very long. The summer months are coming.

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The Geography of the Weather

The geography of the state impacts the weather in many ways. The jet stream moves the weather from west to east. The rocky mountain range stops the moisture from the Pacific Ocean from getting to the mid western states. Missouri covers over 69,709 square miles (21th Largest State). Only 811 square miles is covered with water. That means it is a very dry state. It is also in the center of the country so it has extreme temperatures. It gets really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter. The highest temperature ever recorded was 118º F. Kansas City, MO is 742 feet above sea level. The state is mostly in a drought because they are so deep in the country where they don’t get a lot of rain.