by:Alysha watson


This book starts at the erudite head quarters inside of the city. The setting then changes to a rundown city with worn down buildings and inactive railroads. The setting from there then changes into a well designed building in the middle of nowhere.

Main character

In the book Allegiant the main character is Tris. Tris's original name is Beatrice but when she joined dauntless she changed her name to Tris. Tris is also in a relationship with Four another character in the book.

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The conflict in the book is the faction less have taken over and are trying to get rid of the factions ever since the video of Edith Prior was shown. There are people rebelling against them, the groups name is called Allegiant and there purpose to escape, and go outside the wall around the city. Once they get there everything isn't what it seems to be.

Rising action A

When the Allegiant group goes to the railroads they see a truck and the person inside is Tobias instructor who he once thought was dead. They reach the compound and they learn more about what it means to be divergent. They learn that there whole city was an experiment to get the people genetically healed which is what it means to be divergent. One of the scientist decides to test Tris and Four to see if they have healed genes or they can just manipulate serums. They find out Four is not divergent and he has genetically damaged genes.
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Rising action B

When Four heard that he has genetically damaged genes he felt different. One of the other scientist Nita showed him how the government treated genetically damaged people and, that the government was the one that sent the serums and conducted the killing of the abnegation. She told him she had a plan to take down the government and make the Fringe (which is where they are staying) a better place. He told Tris and Tris knew that something wasn't right, but Four didn't listen and he ended up making the biggest mistake of his life.
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Tris pretends to not know anything about what the Fringe has done. She gets offered a job and from there she finds out more information then she tells the people from Allegiant. They get more recruits but, they already know it will have no match against the army that the Fringe has. Although they know this they fight anyways for what's right.
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