7th Grade Science

Week of December Eighth

Genetics, Part II

We will be catching up this week on any Punnett practice not yet completed, as well as learning about pedigrees. The Character Poster Project is now underway and will be completed in class. There are a lot of interesting combinations so far!

See below for tentative schedule.

Essential Question

How do scientists, such as genetic counselors, use tools to study heredity?
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Tentative Schedule


Classwork: Chapter 15 Q&A

HW: None


Classwork: Punnett Practice Sheets + Character Project

HW: Finish CW


Classwork: Same as Tuesday

HW: Finish CW


Classwork: Review Sex-linked Traits, Pedigree Notes, Pedigree Practice

HW: Finish CW


Classwork: Complete Character Genetics Project

HW: None