Come to Peru!

Peru's Landforms and Climates

Peru is the third-largest country in south america. Peru consists mainly of mountains and huge land masses. The land is volatile, due to earthquakes, volcanic activity, and the devastating effects of El Nino.


The U.S dosn't have as many mountains and valleys compared to Peru's land forms.

Interesting Fact!

Peru was once the home of the ancient Inca Empiere.

One of Perus most powerfull legacies of spanish varies from Christianity specifically catholicism.


The U.S was discovered and was the home of

one of perus most powerfull legacies o spanish varies from Christianity specifically from Catholicism

Major holdiays celebrated

Independece day

A national holdiay on july 28th commemorates Perus decleration of independence from spain in 1821.


The U.S celebrates Independence Day in the same basic way.