Transforming Body, Mind, & Soul

BOCI Talk Radio Channel with Glen and Brenda Green

Transform - Dramatic change in Form, Appearance , or Character

Glen and Brenda bring 32 years of a Godly Marriage, 10 years of Pulpit Ministry, and over 25 years of healthy living with Type 1 Diabetes - to the airwaves. Our goal is to bring transformation to you through weekly challenges. Bring your Stories, Questions, and Testimonies to help inspire others - both live and online. Join us each Tuesday morning at 10 am. Call in at 1-818-668-5411


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First broadcast Oct 1, 2013 at 10 AM

Paying It Forward!

God has blessed us beyond our expectation, and we want to pay it forward with a half hour of giving back. Great information and weekly challenges that will enrich and transform your Body, Mind, and Soul.