Cocoa Beans To Chocolate



Do you ever wonder about were chocolate and how its made? If you do than your about to read the perfect thing! Im also going to tell you some fun facts to!


Chocolate comes from cocoa pods. Cocoa pods come from trees called cocoa trees These trees grow in the rain forests.


Farmers roast cocoa beans to bring out the most intense chocolate flavors and colors. Then they take the cocoa beans to factory Then they smash the beans and mix it with milk and sugar. Then the chocolate is heated and mixed for several days.

Interesting Facts

Now its time for fun facts! Did you know Native americans had chocolate.Cocoa started off as a misspelling cacao. That misspelling became commonly used.


I chose to write about chocolate because i love chocolate. Chocolate is really interesting especially how it is made. Chocolate is my favorite candy and i love it.
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