Monday Memo

November 16, 2015

Dates to Note:

Monday, November 16 :

  • Last day for Primary Soccer Shots
  • Basketball Practice
  • Yearbook

Tuesday, November 17:

  • Last day for Elementary Soccer Shots
  • Lower Elementary Cook Day
  • Basketball Game @ Lakewood Park Christian School @ 5 pm & 6 pm

Wednesday, November 18:

  • Flu Mist
  • Basketball Practice
  • Pay it Forward Club

Thursday, November 19:

  • Chess Club

Friday, November 20:

  • Community Coffee with Megan @ the Middle School

Monday, November 23:

  • Set up for Grandparents' Day @ 12:30 - 2 pm. Thank you in advance for your help!

Tuesday, November 24:

  • Grandparents' Day is here!!!
  • Early Dismissal - 11:45
  • Basketball Game @ St. John's Lutheran School (UE team only) 5:30

Wednesday November 24 through Friday, November 26 Thanksgiving Break!


Thank you faculty! It was so inspiring to see you jumping at the opportunity to help your fellow faculty. Our 'bank' for our personal/sick time sharing is now at 19 hours! A fantastic start! Please be on the look-out for our open donation period in December.

Fall Goals Due Today (attached)! Please send to:

Sarah (Jill, Kim, Alex)

Lori Z. (Angie, Jeni, Cathy, Nefy, Candy, Tracy, Ashley, Bonnie F.)

Lauren (Ben, Lisa H., Gary, Kelly)

Brenda (Linda)

Bridget (Heather, Pat, Susan)

Megan (Natasha, Tia, Nancy H., Abby, Elizabeth, Lisa C., Jodi, Diana, Sandy, Andrea, Lori Z., Lauren, Sarah, Brenda, Bridget, Krissy, Macy, Meghan, Lori B., Debbie, Ines, Suzy, Michal, Jamie, Carmela, Nancy B., Sara, Rob, Flor, Tricia, Hattie, Nan, Janet)


Open enrollment for our voluntary coverages (dental, life along with AD&D) ends this week. If you would like to enroll or make any changes, please do so on or before Thursday, November 19th. If you are already enrolled, your coverage will stay the same unless you make changes. Please see Sarah S-C for enrollment or any questions


Most of you have received an email in regards to your positive discipline membership. Attached to the email is your positive discipline certificate. Please provide a copy to Sarah S-C for your employee file. What a great credential to have as an educational professional


This year rather than fitting a night out on the town into our already busy schedules, we will be spending part of the December 11 inservice with fun, festivities, and food! Wear an UGLY HOLIDAY sweater to school on December 11 and come to the inservice ready for some fun! If you are interested & available, the fun will continue at Country Heritage where significant others are welcome to join. Joe Justice will be playing music at the wineary until 8pm. Look out for the evite coming your way soon!


All teachers will be getting an invitation to view the "Tours & Obervation" calendar. This calendar is used by Admin to track who is visiting the campus, and will be helpful if you are curious of who is walking through your room, looking into the obersavtion window. Observations will be (usually) be shared with the teachers before hand - to give you a curtesy heads-up. If a parent asks to schedule an observation, please be sure to reference this calendar prior to setting the day/time. Once something is set, let Krissy or Nan know so they are able to add it to the calendar for all to reference.


Please, Please, PLEASE send pictures to Nan, Kelly or Macy ASAP! These will be used for the Grandparents' Day slide show (and other stuff throughout the school year.) Remember if emailing from a smart phone, please send them "actual size."


We have heard parents ask "How do I meet other parents?" or "Are there any social events besides the Gala that parents can go to?" or "Why doesn't Oak Farm have any Family Fun nights?" We have heard them.... and now we are hoping to provide some social events that are not on the school grounds. These will be called: "Oak Farm Connects" - we will connect with parents, faculty, children, and the communities we are from.

The first event will be an adults only holiday open house at Kevin & Nicole Lowe's home on Sunday, December 13. As faculty, you are not expected to come - however, you are invited! An evite will coming to your inbox soon.

Grandparents' Day

You will be receiving a separate email from Macy on this topic soon... too much for the memo, and worth its own spot in your inbox for easy reference!

A Blurb from Brenda.....

A friendly reminder:

Please remember when choosing to use a Behavior Incident Report the incident needs to fit the following criteria (this information is at the top of the report--in the "W" Drive...Student Services--teacher file--for future reference):

The purpose of Behavioral Incident Reports is to document ongoing, inappropriate behaviors.

The faculty member who witnesses any of the following incidents must file an Incident Report.

· Physical harm to another person (kicking, biting, etc.)

· Emotional harm to another person (extreme control or manipulation, humiliating statements, etc.)

· Damage to the environment (materials, plants, etc.)

· Offensive or disrespectful language.

The Incident Report is given to the supervising teacher for information and a copy is given to the Director of Student Services. The original is kept in the student’s file in the classroom. If a pattern of behavior is evident (3 or more times in a two week period) a Student Support Team Process will begin. Incident Reports are NOT given to parents.

Please see Brenda if you have questions about any incident that you are unsure if it constitutes a report or not. Any physical harm (to self, others, or the environment) is an immediate report.

A Minute with Megan

In-service Plan for November 24, 2015
Where: Middle School Dining Room

12:30 - 1:15 Whole Faculty Lunch in honor of Bonnie Schultz's retirement

1:15 - 2:15 All Teachers and Specialists Positive Discipline work continued - (read Chapters 1 and 2 of Positive Discipline in the Classroom in mailbox today)

2:15 - 3 p.m. Creating Social Stories for the Classroom - Workshop for interested faculty led by Sarah Holland. Learn about how you can create stories to support children's independence in understanding social norms, grace and courtesy, expectations and more. Particularly useful for toddler, primary and lower elementary aged children.

3 p.m. - Close classrooms, finish work, depart when finished, have Happy Thanksgiving!

Acknowledgements from Megan

Bonnie Schultz - Wonderful Beyond Words

The numbers of library and primary lessons, books shelved and cataloged, curricula documents, parent meetings, and years of service offered by Bonnie do not do justice to her immense contribution to Oak Farm and all of us. Day after day, Bonnie has offered her talents, thoughtfulness, and gestures of kindness and support to all she encounters, brightening up ALL of our worlds. I think we would all agree that Bonnie has paid it forward tenfold, and has earned the most joyful, peaceful and love-filled retirement possible. With gratitude from all of us, here's to Bonnie!

Way to Go Bonnie!!