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North Charleston Elementary Library

WOW - Wonder of Words

We are kicking off a new year and the theme in the library is WOW - Wonder of Words. As always, we want every student to read every day! Summer reading logs are due no later than August 30th in order for students to participate in our Summer Reading Celebration. How can you assist your child? Play word games like Boggle or Scrabble. You can even download word games on your phone for them to play during odd moments of boredom. Of course, if you are with your child, in the car, the store, on a walk, etc., talk to them. The more language they hear and speak, the more they will know. Stop in the library to see how you can help your child's reading experience be the best it can be. WOW - can't wait to see you there!

Calling All Volunteers - Oasis Book Fair

Book Fair kicks off on September 13th! Volunteers are needed to set up on the 12th, work shifts at the fair during the 13th through the 19th, and to pack up the fair on the 20th. Please sign up and help to make our book fair a success. Also, our book fair will be on-line beginning September 9th. If you don't see what you want at the fair, you can order on-line!

Why is the Library important?

Many people are beginning to believe that libraries are no longer necessary. After all, isn't everything on the web? Actually, libraries are changing with the times. We offer electronic resources, a rich print environment, e-books, a trained expert to guide you through all of the available information, and a great place to enjoy reading and learning. Also, not everyone has access to the Internet. Both your school library and your local public library can provide this access. You can be assured that the library at NCES is part of the 21st century.

Book Policy

One important lesson that children can learn through checking out library books and materials is responsibility. Each child is responsible for the materials that they check out from the library. Our students will learn to care for borrowed materials and return them in a timely manner. I always tell students to keep their books in their bookbag unless they are reading. This will alleviate loss and damage to the books. Students should not transport liquid items in their bookbags. Leaking water bottles cause damage to school books as well as homework. Books that are lost or damaged must be paid for. We do not charge for overdue books. Just remember to stress taking care of all school materials. We like for everyone to be able to enjoy them.

Contact Information

Please contact me at anytime! I love to hear from you and have you volunteer in our Library. Having you connected to your child's learning is extremely important.