Hitler's Concentration camps

Life of jews in these camps

Concentration Camps

Jews during this time period were considered to society as "rats". Germany under control by Hitler hated and eliminated million of jews by the use of several tactics, one of which was the use of concentration camps. These camps held jews awaiting their deaths depending on which one they went to, every camp was overcrowded and compacted to 3x the limit each unit could hold. Each camp however eliminated jews by gas chambers and by burning them after there deaths.

Camps housing units

Here jews were held, and as you can see in the picture they crammed as many people into one unit even if it exceeded the number of persons it could hold. Jews had to sleep in these slots which sometimes meant sleeping with more than one person next to you or on top of you. So as you can see none looks happy or excited to be there, they look dehydrated and hungry. This was the life of jews waiting in these camps for their deaths through gas chambers but until then lived here until they died with no way out.

Gas Chambers

Here hundreds of jews were lead to assuming it was just a shower they were taking, little did they know they were gonna be gassed to death. None the less here is where Hitler illuminated millions of jews by gassing them and later burning their bodies. These gruesome ways of illuminating jews was just one strategy, others included shooting, gas vans and so much more.

Concentration camp liberation video

In this video it describes how people don't realize how important its and how dramatic it was for people to see and witness what was done to millions of innocent jews. Hitler who once was thought of as a person who could make Germany better which he did, but to human nature defied what cruel and inhumane traits Hitler had inside of him defined why history should never repeat itself. No matter what family or back round you come from no one should ever witness or go through what millions suffered through during the holocaust because no one should judge a book by its cover.

Was supposed to be back round music

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