U.S. vs China

the different economic costs of both countries

The United States is a wealthy country which has one of the highest standards of living in the world. China has, for many years, been left behind economically, but began to pull ahead during the early years of the 21st century. Though still technically a Third World country, China experienced a huge amount of development and worldwide exposure and tourism during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Though China has closed the gap somewhat, as of 2010 a cost comparison between the two shows China considerably more affordable than the U.S. in most ways.

A couple top attractions in China

Indices Difference

Consumer Prices in United States are 54.70% higher than in China

Rent prices in United States are 57.49% higher than in China

Restaurant prices in United States is 134.11% higher than in China

Groceries price in United States is 44.56% higher than in China


McMeal at McDonalds.. China $4.60 U.S. $7.00

Domestic Beer.. China $0.92 U.S. $4.00

Coke/Pepsi.. China $0.48 U.S. $1.69

Gallon of Milk.. China $7.52 U.S. $3.56

Oranges(1 lb).. China $0.76 U.S. $1.84

Pair of Levis Jeans.. China $76.84 U.S. $41.79

1 bedroom Apt.. China $369.73 U.S. $881.60

A couple top attractions is the United States

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"The United States has an elected government. The American government is legitimate. And there is a separation of legislative, judicial, and executive powers.

China is ruled by the Chinese Communist Party. There is no separation of powers. No checks and balances. No independent press."