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Weekly Newsletter - September 23, 2015

Each week I'll be sharing notes from your tutors, science and fine arts resources for at home and articles and videos to support you in homeschooling. At the end of each newsletter are updated field trips and events, so read through and stay up to date to not miss any events and registrations. At the end are videos of encouragement or educational on Classical education model.

Director - Ms. Laura Ramsey's Notes

"Learning should inspire joy bound with constrant astonishment at the marvels of creation. Learning should breathe life into us - ignite our imaginations and inspire us to share the ideas we learn with people we love. The joy of learning begins in the home, with the entire world as our classroom. I believe children learn best when their parents and teachers are their heroes." - Leigh Bortins, The Core

This week I challenge all parents to step out of their comfort zone and be a classical student yourself. Immerse yourself in the class and get active with your student. During class, our focus should be on our students and the information being presented. Remember to keep phones away (unless recording something). Our students are watching us and taking our lead. Let's lead them and show them how to be great students, eager to learn and participate. Your tutors don't want to be the only one acting silly and jumping around with the students - get up and get your workout in!

Community Announcements

Week 4 Preview - Sept 29th

Family Presentation, Prayer, Pledges: Sather

Cleanup Families: Beavers, Touryan, Sather

Foundations Student Presentation Topic:

ABCs/Apprentices - Show and tell one of your favorite things

Journeymen/Masters - Historical presentation. Choose a person/event from timeline or history and tell interesting facts about them, learn about their spiritual impact for good or bad and why or why not you agree with what they stood for.

Science Project: VanCleave's Book #62 Pollution

Fine Arts Project: Drawing - Abstract Art

Foundations Class Notes - Week 3 Wrap Up

Abecedarians - Ms. Lauren Neiswinger's Notes

This was our first week with all 8 of our friends together in class & what a wonderful week it was, too!

I am continuing to use timeline hand motions taken from CCC main page & Melody Stroud's Scientific Method song. Our kids will know the scientific method inside & out by the time this year is over!

I pray over each of your children & hope you all have a wonderful week. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns!

Apprentices - Ms. Chasity Longworth's Notes

Good Afternoon Ladies,

This is not gonna be the norm but Jen Tappan gave me "Spark" today and I have things to do!! LOL... You'll have to talk to her if you are interested. Tomorrow, we are off school and hubby is off work so I want to send the email out now.

Re-Cap of this week...

Prepositions- Hand Motions- the boys did not want to do these but if you want me to type them out for YOU, I can! :)

Science- Hand Motions- Nucleus- Two hands make a circle, Cytoplasm- Point to the eyes, Vacuole- pretend to vacuum, Mitochondria- flex arms like a mighty man, Cell Membrane- hand to ear like a cell phone and then point to the brain, Golgi Bodies- both arms up to show Goal.

Refer to page 153-154 in the Foundations Guide if you want to do more with Upside-Down Images.

Week 4's presentation is "Show and Tell" I look forward to seeing the creativity in these presentations!!! Presentations have been so good! These boys make me smile! I am a very lucky tutor!

Love to you all!

Apprentices - Ms. Renee Stratton's Notes

Hello Apprentice families,

Here are some links and tips as promised. Thanks for another great week.

Cycle 1 Week 3

New Grammar links, hand motions, and helpful resources


Phoenicia = first. Phoenicia is above Israel. It comes first.

Israel – I comes before J, so Israel is above Judah.

Judah- is at the bottom curve of a J.

Jordan River – is the straight part of the J as it jiggles up out of Judah

Dead Sea – Dead Sea = is Down the Dead End. The Dead Sea is down. It’s below the Jordan River and is where the river dead ends.

Sea of Galilee – Galilee = Go up. To get to the Sea of Galilee, you need to go up the Jordan River. Also remember that Jesus walked on top of water of the Sea of Galilee. It is also on top of the river Jordan.


Math (5’s)

-the 5's-Row Row Row Your Boat “ -the 6’s- To Market tune

Latin Hand Motions


Song from CD


along - draw a line with pointer finger along arm

amid – fists on hips with elbows angled out

among - bend elbows with hands out (like asking why)

around - turn around

at - clap

atop - pat top of head with hands

Science: Song and hand motions for the Scientific Method

Journeymen - Dr. Sharon Touryan's Notes

Hello teachers!

This week we used the official CC songs for Latin, Timeline, Math, and History. We used actions for English (along - hands go forward; among - finger from one hand among the fingers from second and; amid - one hand inside another hand; around - hands break apart and move in a circle; at - fist in front; atop - second fist atop first fist). We chanted for Science (emphasis on final syllable) and used show-me-tell-me for Geography.

For presentations next week we will be working on volume. We want our students to be able to be clearly heard at the back of the classroom. The topic involves a historical figure from the timeline (this can include one of the gods/goddesses from this week).

Have a good week,


Masters - Ms. Jo Anne Wilhelm's Notes

To the Master's Class:

This week, we continued learning the timeline with the motions from CC. We reviewed both the math and learned the history sentence about the Greek and Roman gods using the songs on the CC CD. We added the motions of lightning bolt, wedding rings, spear, heart, bow and arrow, and a boat (in order) to demonstrate each god. For the prepositions, we continued learning motions from the video that was attached to last week's community email. For Latin, we sang to the tune of BINGO with motions from: We used the tune of "The Ants Go Marching" for our science sentence. The students enjoyed finding camouflaged animals in pictures, and performing our two science experiments as we continued studying the scientific method. For art, I truly hope you enjoyed the upside-down image that was brought home. They each did a phenomenal job on presenting Bible verses. What a joy to watch! Next week's presentation is to choose any person from the timeline, or an event related to a person, and to tell interesting related facts. Then, explain their spiritual impact (good or bad) and why you do or do not agree with what he/she represented. This is more detailed, so try to work on it throughout the week, if possible. See you next week!


Memory Work Extras

CC Timeline Handmotions Video: (All Tutors are using the CC official videos OR the previously used rafikipaka from CC Connected. These two options are slightly different, but many of us have learned the rafikipaka handmotions in the past before CC officially came out with their own handmotion video.)

A PDF printout of handmotions can be found on CC Connected user name rafikipaka.

Cycle 1 Memory Work Audio:

Cycle 1 Memory Work Tutorials:

Reading Correlations from Half a Hundred Acre Wood:

A Note from CC - What CC Connected Has to Offer Families

CC Connected ($6/month) is an on-line community of home-educators who discuss ideas on Forums, share ideas through File Sharing centers, and have access to a rich Learning Center full of videos and downloads that help parents become better educators. Most members of CC Connected are also members of a Classical Conversations community who are enriching their students’ studies at home and continuing their own education.

We offer free a guest forum and learning resource center. All you have to do is register and you will have access to some great tools to help you get started in classical Christian education.

Note about CC Official Songs uploaded by fmoderator on CC Connected

All the memory work audio from fmoderator will be removed from CC Connected on October 1 and relocated to the Classical Learning Center. They have uploaded Cycle 1, 2, and 3 material so anyone who wishes to can download before it become unavailable for download. Once it's taken down, it will only be accessible with internet access/not downloadable.

RightNow Media - FREE for CC Connected Families

RightNow Media has been called the "Netflix of Bible Studies" because it offers access to thousands of great videos for students, young children, families, pastors, lay leaders, and more. You can view these videos directly from your phone, tablet, or computer--or you can share them in group settings through a TV or projector. You can learn more about RightNow Media at their website.

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Take a look at our upcoming summer CCP webinars and be ready to join us as we seek to encourage you throughout the year!

Foundations to Challenge Link

In Foundations science projects we have students repeat what they use, what they do, what they see, and what they learn. This is laying the foundation for the basics of the scientific method, which will prepare them to write high school lab reports that include a research questions, a procedure, materials, results, and a conclusion, In addition, the 3 cycles of memory work allow them to cover biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, and earth science in preparation for their high school science courses in Challenge.

Preposition Song Handmotions

Classical Conversations Preposition Song

CC Writer's Circle Article - Getting it all done

Information Meeting and Park Playdate: Rockfield Park

Friday, Sep. 25th, 2pm

Rockfield Park, Bel Air, MD

Join us for a park playdate. I'll also have an information meeting for any interested families (if there are any).

Field Trip: Brad's Produce - Hay Ride and Pumpkins

Friday, Oct. 9th, 11:30am

550 Asbury Road

Churchville, MD

Chasity and Sharon are organizing a field trip to Brad's Produce. RSVP by October 2 either via sign up on CC Day or email to Money due to Sharon Touryan by October 6.

$8/child, $5/adult, Children under age 1 are FREE.

Open House: CC Joppa Fall Open House

Tuesday, Oct. 6th, 9am-3pm

2907 Mountain Road


Know anyone interested in homeschooling or the classical model? Invite them to a day at CC Joppa. Please have them RSVP to They are welcome to join us for a full day and participate alongside our students in Foundations, Essentials and Challenge A.

Field Trip: Wildlife Adventures

Tuesday, Oct. 20th, 10am

Trinity Church, 2609 Mountain Road, Joppa, MD

Wildlife Adventures' outreach program will bring live animals and hands-on educational entertainment. They are a local company that teaches character development and environmental stewardship through animals.

"Treasure of Wildlife: Fruit of the Spirit" is a 45 minute program using scripture and animals to define and understand the Bible's fruits of the spirit. $20/family. Register with Laura at by September 15th.

Prayer Requests

Continue to keep each other in your prayers.

Kristen Harrison (Denise Coursey's sister) who is battling cancer

Patrick Hall (Theresa Speicher's family) who suffered an asthma attack that led to cardiac arrest and coma

Sather family who lost their beloved dog Emmitt Jo last night