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pokemon sun and moon update

In the world of Pokemon there are many creatures. But there are still aren't any known, for Sun and Moon. In fact in the last corocoro teased us with the box art and I mean, they only showed us the console it will be on it didn't show the legendary, so all we know is that its that its in 9 languages and, that it's on the 3ds, Until today that is. Pokemon has finally revealed the first bit of game-play. The starters are, Rowlet the grass starter typing is grass flying, Litten the fire starter who is just fire, and Poppilo the water starter who is just water. From how it looks and the name of the region I have to say its most likely based of of Hawaii, my reasoning why is because the it's called the Alola region. The legendary appear to be, a lion for sun and, a bat for moon, the game is coming out november 18 2016.
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Starter Pokémon for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Revealed!


A pink marshmallow with a eating disorder, what else could you ask for? Well apparently the people at Nintendo said robots, so now we have Kirby Planet Robobot to look forward to. There is good news how ever, there will be a new lineup of, Kirby themed Amiibo.
Kirby: Planet Robobot Gameplay Trailer | Nintendo Direct 2016

funny trailer

If you know me, I love video game trailers with action, info, and game play. But there are exceptions, one of those being the Cave Johnson Co-op trailer for portal 2. Lets be honest though, most people would think that this is stupid, probably saying "robots don't exist, you cant shoot portals out of a gun, i'm the smartest person on earth, blah blah blah." Well to those people, I must to say "robots do exist and its a video game."
Aperture Investment Opportunity #2: "Bot Trust"


While other people rage about how Samus isn't in Metroid Prime Federation Force, I just don't care. I won't lie, I have never played a Metroid game in my life. But since its coming out on my Birthday I,m gonna make this one my first. Metroid Prime Federation Force, is the newest game in the metroid franchise, and might I add the first one in the series with multiplayer.
Metroid Prime: Federation Force - 'Project Golem' Game Trailer

star fox zero

After being shelfed for almost all of the 3ds lifetime, Star Fox has finnaly got a new game, after being lost in almost all of the 9 gen of gaming, with nothing but a remake of the second game. The franchise finnaly has a new game for the series, with Star Fox Zero
Star Fox Zero - Launch Trailer: Available Now!