Important Dates

April 1-29: Summer School Registration Open thru Skyward Family Access

April 27: State/Solo Ensemble

April 27: 9-Noon Medication Take Back Days @ Clinton Police Station

May 3: Midterm 4 Ends & AP payments due

May 4th: Evening With Art

May 7th: AP testing begins

May 29th: Academic Awards Night @ 5:30

Senior Honors & Scholarships Night @ 6:30pm

Seniors Last Day of School!

May 30: Graduation Practice & Victory Walk

June 2: Graduation @ 1:00pm

June 7: Last Day of School

Summer School Registration

All registration for summer school will take place through Skyward Family Access. Registration runs April 1st thru April 29th. There will be one evening when parents can come into the school for assistance with on-line scheduling. Date/Time: TBA soon.
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From the Principal's Desk: Teacher Appreciation Week

I have had many discussions with students, alumni, and parents/guardians over the years acknowledging the impact that a teacher has had on them or their child. Sometimes educators get caught up in the planning, grading, teaching, extracurricular grind of work and don’t take the time to step back and see all the good they are doing. This one week a year is not enough, but it is a wonderful time to show our Clinton High School teachers how they may have positively affected your life or the lives of your children.

While there are a plethora of ways to say thank you, this year we are promoting two different ways to show appreciation for the staff at CHS. THIS LINK TAKES YOU TO OPTION 2

Option 1: There will be an Appreciation Station set up in the LMC the week of May 6th-10th. Students will have access to generic cards, paper templates, colored pens, etc. so they can handwrite a note of thanks to a teacher. The note can tell the school staff how much they are appreciated and why. The school staff will receive these letters of appreciation to remind them of the difference they make.

Option 2: Since some students aren't artistic and/or don't have neat penmanship AND parents and guardians don't have easy access to the LMC (although they are welcome to come in), there is also a way to complete a prefilled “card” of appreciation here. You can leave a note for a school staff member telling him or her how much you appreciate what he or she has done for you and/or your children. The school staff will receive these notes of appreciation during Teacher Appreciation week.

PBIS Students & Staff of the Month

PAWS: Positive Action Worth a Salute

Many students and parents/guardians in the district have received PAWS post cards in the mail from school staff. These cards are sent to recognize the positive things students are doing every day both in and out of the classroom. This link is a way to "send" a PAWS card to school employees for the same reason.

I see so many great things going on at Clinton High School every day and I know that community members, parents/guardians, and students see even more. This form is to give everyone the opportunity to recognize and/or thank a school employee for their positive actions.

If you don't know the employee's name or aren't sure how to spell it, go ahead and put down which area/department and I can get it to the right person. For example, if you see someone doing a great job mowing, in the name section you could just enter "lawn mower June 20, 2019" and I would forward it to the Building & Grounds Director who would know who the person was.

Thank you for taking the time to recognize school employees for all they do for the district, community, students, and community members each and every day!! Click Here to Send a PAWS Card

1st Annual Smack Challenge

The CHS bowling team was triumphant in their efforts last night as they defeated the Faculty Alley Cats, 4 games to 2 in a 7 game series. The high school team rolled out to a 3 game lead, but the teachers rebounded and won back-to-back games. In the end, the CHS bowling team proved to be too strong of an opponent for the Faculty as they bowled a flawless 6th game to solidify the victory. Congratulations to the CHS bowling team.

Department & Extracurricular Information


Plant Science - This class has been incredibly busy preparing the plants in the greenhouse for our spring plant sale the first week in May! They have also spent time in the classroom classifying plants and exploring plant anatomy and life cycles.

Biotechnology - These students just wrapped up great few weeks of discussion and exploration of organically produced products, genetically modified organisms, and conventional agriculture. They are now beginning to dive into the world of alternative energy and ethanol.

Veterinary Science - In vet. Science students spent time working through emergency scenarios and the proper steps to take. They are now learning the ins and outs of wound healing so they can work their way up to bandaging and suturing!

Livestock Evaluation - The livestock evaluation students have spent the last month discovering how to judge beef animals as well as learning the components and functions of nutrients in animals diets so that they can soon begin preparing rations for different livestock!


Photography Classes- We are currently working through our Photoshop unit. Students are amazed at all that Photoshop can do! We have also scheduled a field trip that will “focus” on Macro Mode photography. Field Trip is to Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens on April 23.

2D Classes- We are finishing up a printmaking unit in both 2D 1 and 2. Next unit will be ink drawing.

3D Art- We are about to start our last clay study on puzzle boxes and covered containers.

Painting- Both Painting 1 & 2 are working on a choice final acrylic painting. Watercolor will be next.

Advanced Art 1- We are starting a charcoal drawing this week.

Advanced Art 2- We are starting a clay unit- students have a choice of wheel work or hand building.


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The Band had the opportunity to perform at the new Firserv Forum before the Bucks’ last regular season game. The venue was incredible and the band students had a great performance! Students played with mics that filled the entire arena while their faces showed up on the 2-story jumbo-tron. Prior to the performance band and business students toured the facilities and listened to a sports finance presentation. Students learned a lot, had a great time, and performed well for thousands of people!

business & marketing

The Cougar Cave is offering our Cougar Label Water for your graduation parties! We are selling 24 bottle cases for $14.00 each. Brand bottled water was a big endeavour for our retail lab this year and we want to help you #becougarproud of your graduate! If you are interested, please complete the Google Form in this link: or ask your student to grab a form in HS Room 307 or the Cougar Cave after school. To be sure you have your water in time, please respond by May 15th.


State solo/ensemble festival is coming up on April 27 and 4 students are attending from the choir department: Rhian Harrop, Hailey Matts, Paige Niman and Kaila Alonzo. They did a fantastic job at district and each student will perform a musical theater selection.

The High School Concert Choir will be performing at Six Flags Great America as a part of the Music in the Festival. The will work with a adjudicator to learn about performing and making their choir sound as good as they an be.

The Blenders and CYC Out! Will be singing for the school board on May 1st. Come and see as they perform their amazing songs!


English 9 students are finishing up ACT/Aspire testing. The students worked hard to complete all five tests to the best of their abilities. Once we get the results, teachers will be reviewing the information and planning for next year. Students are starting their last unit, which is set in the Middle East. Students will read graphic novels and analyze how images and text work together to convey information. The texts are Saving the Baghdad Zoo, Pride of Baghdad, and Persepolis. Students will share what they have learned from the text in a summative speech.

English 11 Students are just finishing up with the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. During the unit, students practiced writing in a specified time frame while utilizing their knowledge from the novel to prove or justify different aspects of the prompt given to them. They practiced 5 different prompts, received feedback and reteaching after each prompt to prepare them for their summative timed writing prompt. They did AWESOME!

English 12 Students are working on a thematic essay with the student-teacher, Mr. Mitchell. Students are expected to utilize all the themes discussed so far this year and incorporate them in a thematic essay using different texts (poems, short stories, novels).

Speech Students just finished up their persuasive speeches. The expectation of the persuasive speech was not only to use the elements of rhetoric in the speech itself, but also listen for the rhetoric and rhetorical fallacies (which no one had--yay!) the speaker used in his/her speech. Students were able to gain a stronger understanding of rhetorical elements in this unit because they had to use GOOD rhetoric in their speech, as well as listen to hear if any bad rhetoric (rhetorical fallacies) were being used. Great job, students!


Clinton FFA has been very active in the past few weeks with our local CDE Event that took place on March 15 where we had teams for livestock evaluation, dairy evaluation, and dairy foods. Our senior livestock team qualified and will be competing at the state level competition on April 26th! We invite everyone to the CHS greenhouse for our spring bedding plant sale on Friday, May 3rd from 3:30-6:30pm, Saturday, May 4th from 9:00am-1:00pm, and Sunday, May 5th from 11:00am-1:00pm. The Clinton FFA also invites you to our Culver’s Thank You Farmers event on May 9 at the Beloit Culver’s. Students will have tractors, animals, and interactive activities for the community to explore agriculture! Lastly, our FFA chapters banquet set for May 22; invitations will be sent out shortly!


The Foods 2 students have been doing Global Foods presentations and labs. The countries we are doing are Australia, France, Italy, and Norway. For the Australia lab we made Kangaroo Soup (we substituted ground beef for the kangaroo!!). The France Lab included Ratatouille, Crepes, and Chocolate Mousse. For Italy we will be making an Italian Easter Bread and Pasta.

The Assistant Child Care Teacher students are done taking notes and are doing hands-on activities. Last week they made Activity Books. This week they are making a Take-Apart Teddy Bear.


Book Madness!

The CHS LMC is holding a March Madness Tournament of Books! A prize will be given to winners with the top bracket selections. Students and staff have been given 16 books to select from as their favorite book (NCAA basketball bracket style). The favorite book will be selected by popular vote on the bracket. To further connect to the basketball games, at the sweet sixteen mark, one book will be assigned to each team in the actual tournament. The #1 team of the NCAA basketball tournament who is matched with the book on the bracket will also result in a winning entry. A drawing will be held with the winning selections for the prizes.

The winning book was The Blind Side, by Michael Lewis! The winner of the bracket selection was Kennedy Mumm!

The winning NCAA team was Virginia and was also matched with The Blind Side, by Michael Lewis. The winner of this was selected in a drawing of 20 matching entries and was Casey Klein.


AP Calculus students will be using integrals to find the area and volume of 3D figures.

PreCalculus students will be learning about rational and inverse functions.

Algebra 2 students will be learning about logarithms and applying them within Newton’s Law of Cooling.

Geometry students are learning about circles and finding arc length and area of sectors.

Algebra 1 students are working with exponential functions and quadratics, first learning how to factor and then graphing.

The Math team (see above left picture) competed in the 3-2-1 Quiz Bowl competition on April 5th. The team reached the pinnacle of 2nd place in the State of Wisconsin and 117 out of 171 teams in the nation.

School Counseling

Seniors: Don’t forget, it is still scholarship season! You still have time to apply for scholarships as a lot of the deadlines aren’t until May. Try starting at our district scholarship page - we have scholarship information for ones we are notified about and also search sites that will help you find even more.

AP Testing begins May 7th with the AP Spanish Language exam. All tests have been ordered for those students who turned in an interest form in March. If you have not paid yet, please do so by May 3rd. AP Testing will be held on school grounds this year. Please watch for additional information in the mail.

Reminder: Scholarship Night is May 29th at the high school, starting at 6:30pm.


Physics students are using lasers to study refaction of light. Ray diagrams showing light traveling from one medium to another have been developed and accurately drawn through the use of Snell’s Law.

Anatomy students have discussed cardiovascular disease identifying symptoms, causes, and prevention. Heart dissection was extremely helpful to ensure understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the heart. Students have learned to perform blood pressure tests and ECG tests. Data collected during these labs has been read and analyzed.

Biology students are finishing learning about inheritance and genetics by researching and presenting on specific genetic disorders. Their research looks at the possible mutations and chromosomes involved as well as treatments and implications for the families of those affected.

AP Biology students are in the home stretch preparing for their AP exam on May 13th! They finished learning about the evidence of evolution and can make awesome cladograms to show relatedness between organisms based on genetic and phylogenic data. Body systems and Ecology will finish off the material for April.

Science: Health Care Day Field Trip

Health Care Day Science junior and seniors attended Rock County Health Care Day this week. Students toured SSM Hospital and Blackhawk Technical College, participated in panel presentations by health care professionals, and had hands-on experiences related to health care professions. (see photos below)

social studies

AP World & World History: Students poured their heart and soul into their One Pager on the Haitian Revolution. Students were tasked with answering several questions about Haiti and its revolution using both short writings and visual representations. The work was outstanding!!

Psychology: Students learned about language acquisition by creating a storybook for children that practiced language acquisition techniques to teach young children a life lesson and/or skill. The results would be a good addition to any library!

Global Studies Honors: Students tried their hands at creating peace in the Middle East. While they gave it their all they did fall short of creating a deal that everyone involved could get behind. That being said they did walk away with a greater understanding of one the toughest foreign policy questions of our time!

General Global Studies: Students either participated in a lively debate looking at the current issues of immigration and refugees or a socratic seminar focusing on the war in Syria. All classes did great and kept an open mind when discussing current events of our world. Up next is the study of the Middle East.

APUSH Students in APUSH will be ending our unit dealing with imperialism and domestic growth. We are now looking at the Progressive Era and the changes taking place in American society such as child labor and the meat packing industry. We are also beginning our research project in which these students will be guest lecturers in different classes all over the district.

Sociology Our recent project is on the use of survey methodology and the interpretation of data. Each student has created an examination of a specific social problem that they can survey and study from.

US History Our classes are now in the 1960’s which as some of you can remember, was a period in time in which you had the Vietnam War, war protests, civil rights marches, Malcolm X, the Beatles,Bobby Kennedy with the list that goes on and on.

Tech Ed

Advanced Welding has started their final welding project, the Piggy Bank. They use their blueprint reading and welding skills to create this adorable bank. (see photos below)

Work Based Learning

Summer will be here before we know it. The Work-based Learning Website lists available jobs in our area if you child is looking for employment. The link is updated weekly with jobs. Summer employment can turn into year round employment opening up opportunities to participate in Work-Based Learning next year earning them high school credit and possibly a state certificate. If you have questions please contact Laura Benisch at

John Eliszewski, from Grainger, taught students the Osha 10 course. Students earned their card by attending 10 hours of training over two weekends. Students were taught how to stay safe on the job and are also able to add this qualification to their resume, making them more hirable.

Summer Camps:

Summer will be here before you know it. What are your plans for this Summer? There are many opportunities for hands on learning just down the road. Below are a list of a few camps and/or opportunities that may interest you:

Health Field

Beloit Health System and Hendricks CareerTek have teamed up to offer Scrubs, a 6 week medical program for high school students this summer. Be on sight at Beloit Memorial Hospital take a deep dive into the medical profession. This is an elite, one of a kind experience. Check it out at: Applications are due April 15.

Constuction / Trades

Interested in learning about careers in construction? Join JH Findorff & Sons, Inc. for Construction Camp June 10-14 to work alongside industry experts in the safety, carpentry, electrical, and plumbing trades. Email for more information!

UW-Whitewater Camps

UW-Whitewater is offering a variety of camps that may interest you as well. Check out the links at: CyberHigh, Forensics Institute, Game Development, Growing Writers, I Want to be a Teacher, and Theater.

Business Opportunity

Wisconsin Business World is a program of WMC Foundation aimed at providing high school students with economic and financial literacy education, while teaching the importance of free-market enterprise. Business World hosts three four-day summer camps each year and numerous one-day “mini” programs during the school year for school districts around the state.

Students participate in hands-on exercises that easily relate to the everyday life of running a business and finish each program with a better understanding of the intricacies of business. The program also exposes students to the variety of different career opportunities available after high school or college.

For questions or helping fill out an application please stop in the counseling office

world languages

Spanish 1 and 2 students have completed the foods unit along with the respective grammar topics. They presented their final food projects where they had the opportunity to describe their own recipes and have a food demonstration in class. Along with that, students continue practicing reading strategies and how to formulate questions and answers in the target language.

Spanish 3 students have completed the unit on demonstrative adjectives and pronouns along with the pertaining vocabulary. Students have made PowerPoint presentations using the target language on those grammatical points. Also, students have learned additional stem-changing verbs. Students continue practicing reading strategies and how to formulate questions and answers in the target language.

Spanish 4 students have completed the unit on the present perfect tense and the respective vocabulary. They have demonstrated their understanding through a series of activities and presentations. They continue reading their assigned book and they will start getting ready for a final presentation.

Spanish 5 students are practicing a variety of essay writing techniques. Students have reviewed the subjunctive tense and other grammatical points. They have finished the final expository essay for discussion in class.


The yearbook staff has been working hard all year capturing all of the memories from this year. Don't miss out! Yearbooks are on sale for just a short time! Jostens will be sending you ordering information if our records indicate that you have not yet purchased your book, so please act on it.

Or, you can purchase your student his/her yearbook right now at

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