By: Elie Wiesel

How camp life changed people?

The life as a prisoner changed people because they turned into survivalist. They only thought about themselves no matter what. Often families fought to the death over food and clothes because took everything away from them. Families were torn apart by wanting to survive. Everyone turned to monsters and they didn't care what happened to anyone else. It was only about them.


Religion is very important in Night because everyone kept their faith and that's why they didn't rebel against the Nazis. They were keeping their faith by staying peaceful and no rebelling. Also, the family bond is a big part of the book. At the beginning of the book, the family bond was strong, but at the end they were torn apart because they wanted to survive. Survival is what everyone is fighting for. Everyone wanted to live and they did anything to survive, even if it was fighting with their own family.

What does this novel reveal?

I think this novel reveals that we wouldn't be as strong as we think we would be if we were put in the situation. Keeping our faith would be hard, I think. It would be easier if we would just say we aren't Jewish, but they kept their faith and said they were Jewish. Not rebelling against the Nazis would be hard too because you know what they are doing is wrong. I felt bad for all the Jews because they didn't do anything wrong, but they were being tortured.
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The picture shows all the Jew's shoes that the Nazis took.

The Nazis took everything away from the Jews.