Jonathan Edwards

By: Shelbie Bell

Early Life

Jonathan Edwards was born Oct. 5th 1703

He was born into a family of clergymen, Edwards was brought up for the ministry, his father gave him most of his early education. At the age of twelve he began his studies at Yale college he said to have received a Theological education

Impact (Great Awakening)

He was a big Face in the Great Awakening here in America . He shunned shouting and theatrical antics, he believed that it took away from god that the lords word was soothing and calm, so he spoke in a one toned voice he would never raise his voice.Nothing in his Style or presentation could account for what happened that day or past days he wanted his congregation to focus on the lord and how you should interpret his words, and how we need to live are life by the bible

Long Term affects of Jonathan Edwards

Latter in life


Edwards wanted to witness one thing but never got the chance to see revival among the native Americans. People knew his as a hopeful man he would spend hours in his study working on learning to speak some native languages. But his by far greatest literary achievement was for a novel called Freedom of Will (1754) He believed that a man had a choice weather or not he wanted to fallow God. He rejected materialism and British philosophers.