Welcome to Planet Earth

A travel guide for Earth

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Welcome to the most amazing planet here in the galaxy. Earth has lots of places to visit but sometimes it is hard to choose where to go on your first time here on earth . Are you having trouble deciding where to go? Well then this is the brochure for you.This Brochure will give you three places that you should visit here on Earth, to make your stay here on Earth a little easier.
Earth is divided by time zone, continets, and climate zone

Climate Zones:

But why should you know how the Earth is divided? Well knowing how the Earth is divided up will help you with your stay by a lot. Like you will need to know that the farther you are away from the equator the colder you'll be and the closer you are to the equator the warmer you will be. But why would you need to know that? Well you need to know that because so you don't pack a bathing suit to Anatrtica and Winter stuff to Hawaii, since Anatrtica is farther away from the equator so it is colder and Hawaii is closer to the equator so it is warmer. So you want to pack a bathing suit to Hawaii and winter stuff to Anatrtica.

Time Zones:

So why do you need to know time zones? Well you really need to them because there are places that have different times as other places. OK but why do I need to know that? Well let's say you went Michigan and you reserved a hotel in California for 4:00 p.m and you leave Michigan at 2:00 p.m California wouldn't be 2:00 p.m it would be 11:00 am so you would have 5 hours to spare. So yea time zone is really important so you don't go somewhere to early or to late.


Last why do you need to care about continents. Well you need to know about continents because if your traveling somewhere like Brazil or something which that is in a continents you would need to know continents so you wouldn't go to the wrong place and that would kind of embarrassing. So that is why you need to know about continets when you come to planet Earth

Have you ever wanted to visit an island with a volcano and beautiful scenery??

Then you should visit Hawaii

What is Hawaii? Hawaii is located at 19.5985*N, 155 , 5186*W. Hawaii is an amazing and beautiful place. Hawaii has many places to visit like the North shore of Oahu, Hawaii volcano National park, Road to Hana (TAKE YOUR CAMERA) , Hawaii volcanoes national park, North Shore of Oahu. A challenge is volcanoes, floods, transpiration for goods. Opportunities are that they will be more tourists to see the volcano.

Packing List:

  • Casual Wearing (Shorts,t-shirt, take a couple pairs of pants if it gets chilly)
  • Tourist accessories: hat, sunglasses,small backpack, camera,walking shoes,flip flops
  • Swimsuits (bring googles for snorkeling)
  • Night time wear (pajamas)
  • Active cloths if you wanna go for a run or something like that

Travel tips:

  • Make sure to watch out for the box jellyfish and the Portuguese man-of-war, The stings do hurt a bit, but they only come 9-12 days after a full moon, If you get stung DO NOT rub the area and DO NOT apply ice or hot water. Rinse the sting in SALTWATER
  • Watch out! for Reef Cuts many beaches do have them but don't worry Coral Reefs, when it the sun is shining and the water is clear they can be easily be seen as darker areas below the surface. Swimmers and snorkelers you have to watch out because the coral is indeed sharp. When the skin is wet it is easier to get cut and sometimes one doesn't feel it right away, the cut can get infected when not treated right away, so treat the cut as soon as you can get a lifeguard,go to the drug store, or visit a doctor but just get it treated

Did someone say Cocoa Beach??

Yes we did. Coca Beach is located in Florida, Coca beach is quite nice there are some things to do like going to the Lori Wilson park and the Coca Beach Pier. But like every trip you need a suitcase know what to pack? But like very place you go to they have challenges and opportunity. A challenge that Coca beach has are hurricanes/tsunamis if that happens get far way as possiblee. A opportunity that Cocoa Beach has farming because there is a lot of flat lands so it is easier to farm because it is hard to farm on or hill or something like that.

Packing list:

  • have a reasonable size suitcase or your stay
  • camera to remember your stay
  • flip flops for the beach and walking shoes for taking walks or runs
  • bathing suit for the beach and swimming
  • shorts,skirts, caprice
  • bring jeans/sweatpants/jackets for when it gets chilly
  • clothes that are going to fit with your activities

Travel tips:

  • Watch out for sharks DON'T WORRY they just think there are sharks they are keeping their eyes out for them so it is just something that you'll need to look out for but still have a good time swimmming once again they are just looking out for them

Lake Michigan??

Yes Lake Michigan is a nice lake located on the right side of Michigan at 44.000.*N and 87.0000*W. Lake Michigan is a nice place to visit there are some things to do and nice little towns. Some things to do at lake Michigan are going swimming of course and going shopping, going out to eat, etc. A challenge that Lake Michigan has is floods but if that happens get far away as possible and another challenge that Lake Michigan has rip currents so don't go to far when you go swimming . A opportunity is farming because Lake Michigan has nice flat lands so it easier to farm because you can't farm on a hill or something like that. Also watch out for how deep the water is because you don't want to go to far and watch out for sea life you don't want to mess with the wrong sea life.

Packing List:

.Bathing suit

.t-shirt, shorts, skirts, caprisde, maybe jeans/sweatpants when it gets chilly

.night time wear

.clothes that fit your activity

See you soon

we hope we helped you decided where to visit on your first tome here on Earth. Have fun! This will be a trip you will never forgot so have a good time here on planet Earth


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