Teaching kindergarden

Ashley Caballero-Reyna

Reasons why you chose this career

-Is fun with kids

-Education on myself

-New technology at school

Work environment

-This job of teaching is indoors.

-The classroom counts as an office, so this job is in a office.

-The type of clothes am going to this job of teaching need appropriate clothes for school.

-This job can be individual and/or group work with a college student.

-For this job you need to up-to-date textbooks, that means you need to take care of all the textbooks.

Job Description

Salary: For working for a kindergarden teacher I get $53,760 a year

Growth Opportunities: Yes I will have growth, first a substitute, then a teacher

In the future 6% of the state will need new teachers


- I need to buy appropriate school supplies

- I need to pay attention to the students

- I need to remember to not use strategies that are not from kindergarden

- I need to be helping kids every single time they need help

- I have to be responsible for meetings that I need to be ON TIME