Alexis Dingman

Murder is willful of taking another persons life. Murder is also a organized crime. Organized crime is when people and the groups involved in such criminal activies.

How families affect murder:

Families can be very hurt and feel a lot of rage towards the suspect who has murdered someone in their family or someone who is very close to them.They can also feel a lot of anger towards the suspect who has done the crime even if that person wasnt apart of their family.Certain murders such as the sandy hook case affected people all across the united states and wanted to murderer to get caught and givin the death penalty because of what he did to the innocent young childrern and teachers in the school.The family who is related to the murderer can feel embaressed and ashamed of the person who has done the crime because they do not know why they did the crime and also do not want to take part in what has happened.

Other Facts:

  • From the year of 2006 to 2010 a total number of muerders was 156 and 774 deaths had occured with 161 of the deaths being childern under the age of 12.
  • In 2010, their was about 19 muerders for children of the age 12 and under.


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